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She went to the doctor for a sore throat and found out she had cancer.

A UK woman went to the doctor for a sore throat, believing she had a cold; However, he found out that he had cancer.

Lisa Goody, 51, grew up with chronic sore throats, so it was normal to have one from time to time.

Everything changed when, in 2019, he noticed a white patch on his tonsils. When he saw, he told that this is the calculation.

“I had a white patch on my tonsil and I’ve had tonsil stones in the past, but unfortunately they didn’t refer me at the time because they thought they were tonsil stones,” Goody reportedly told Kennedy News. New York Post.

A year later, the woman noticed that she had lost the strength of her voice and was seen by a specialist, who diagnosed stage 2 tonsil cancer.

“We had meetings and I actually couldn’t go to some of them for days at a time. I felt completely exhausted and thought, ‘I can’t talk to anyone,'” she recalled. The cancer must have had an effect on the vocal cords.”

The main sign of this disease was his enlarged lymph nodes. “I said, ‘Is it cancer?’ And he said ‘yes,'” the woman said during the meeting with the doctor. “So he knew right away.”

“I would like to say that I am quite an optimistic person, although no one wants to hear those words. But I guess I had a problem for so long, it was no surprise because I knew something was wrong, Goody said.

He suffered the “destruction” of his salivary glands

The woman underwent chemotherapy and radiation therapy to treat cancer, which caused swelling of the skin on her neck.

As a result of the treatment, his salivary glands were “destroyed”, causing a dry mouth, problems with speech and eating.

“One of the known, really terrible side effects of treatment is that you don’t have salivary glands and you have constant dry mouth. It’s really terrible to have dry mouth all the time. Affects speech, ability to eat, speak .. I can’t lick an envelope,” he said.

His treatment started in February 2021 and he recovered from the disease in June this year. Since then, he has dedicated himself to raising awareness of oral, tongue and throat health.

“Examine your mouth: This is one cancer people don’t seem to know about, and take two minutes to examine your mouth, throat and neck for changes,” he warns. “And if there are areas that are sore or look different, see your GP and dentist, and if they don’t think it’s anything but you’re still not happy, ask for a referral, don’t get discouraged.”

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