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September ends with luck at work for 4 signs with the meteor shower

© September ends with luck at work for 4 signs with the meteor shower

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On September 27, the third meteor shower will take place. This is sextant. Unlike the others, this one will only be visible a few minutes before dawn, around 5 am. In addition, it will bring good news for the work of certain zodiac signs.


From April 20 to May 20

Employee : You will encounter some obstacles in your work, particularly with a colleague who does not agree that you should lead the activity. But he will quickly realize that you are the best and will become your great ally. This will then facilitate the development of this poster project.

Unemployed: Being lost has never been so profitable for you, because it is possible that while you are looking for work you will come across a company that is looking for a person with your profile. You don’t lose anything by sending your CV, because you can be selected. Life will show this sign the way to go. Read September will bring prosperity to 3 signs of the zodiac from 20 to 23

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From August 23 to September 22

Employee : There are changes that will surprise you because you will like them. Plus, they will put you where you always wanted to be. There will also be a significant improvement in your salary, as there will be an adjustment based on your performance and responsibilities.

Unemployed: The time has come for this sign to take on what it knows how to do, being its own boss. You will have to make sacrifices, but in the end you will be very successful. You will meet interesting people who will help and advise you. They will give you advice.

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From January 20 to February 18

With employment: This sign must look for another job because it has already completed its cycle in this one. You have a lot to give and there is no more opportunity for growth here. You will be offered a new position, but it will be up to you whether you accept it or not, because you will need to negotiate your salary and benefits carefully. Read Here are the 3 animals that were born to be millionaires, according to the Chinese horoscope

Unemployed: You will get a job, but as a newbie, even though you have a lot of experience, because you have no other option at this time. It will be temporary, because before the end of the year you will have a job corresponding to your knowledge.

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From January 20 to February 18

In the field of employment: Ask about the days off you need to recharge your batteries and recover the energy you have lost due to the stress generated by your work. Talk honestly with your superiors. These other signs will understand what you need and give you permission to go.

Unemployed: Prepare your speech because you will have a golden opportunity to “sell yourself” to the company’s decision-maker. You can’t let it go, much less waste the little time you have to talk about your skills and experience.

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