Sunday, October 1, 2023

Scott (The Fifty) confirms he cheated on Lindsay on another reality TV show

Today at 6:27 p.m. – by Véronique Bonifacy

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Currently casting for Fifty on W9 with his partner, Scott was Sam Zirah’s guest this Sunday, September 17. During the interview, the candidate returned to his deception from a few months ago…

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A Lion, 50 candidates, tests, eliminations, confrontations, love stories and revelations… W9 seems to have found the perfect recipe with the second season of Fifty. In the program broadcast from Monday to Friday at 7:50 p.m., fans of programs of the genre will be able to see or discover personalities who have left their mark on the French reality show. This year, they are in particular: Julien and Manon Tanti from Marseillais, Greg the Millionaire and Marjolaine, Kamel from Loft Story, Frédérique from Anges, Fabrice from Beijing Express or even Scott and Lindsay from Ultimatum: we get married or it’s over. The latter were revealed a few months ago in the romantic program broadcast exclusively on Netflix. But the couple had a bad time…

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Scott and Lindsay at the center of Ultimatum’s problems

Many were probably surprised to see them again soon on television, and rightly so. In December, Scott and Lindsay starred in the reality show produced by the streaming giant. The concept ? Living with another person for several weeks to test your partner’s sincerity. But the Belgian has taken too much pleasure in this dangerous game. In one episode, Lindsay’s longtime partner exchanged a kiss with a candidate’s friend, while maintaining an – initially – ambiguous relationship with her roommate in the affair… While Lindsay presented the ultimatum to her boyfriend, The young woman had to think carefully before giving her relationship a second chance. Faced with blaming him in a recent interview, Scott briefly explained himself.

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Scott regrets his deception

Like every Sunday, Sam Zirah published a new video on his YouTube channel. Today’s guest answered the cameraman’s original “50 questions.” One of them directly alluded to the story of him filmed in the Netflix show. “Would you rather cheat on reality shows and have two million subscribers on Instagram or be faithful with a good image and only have 100,000 subscribers?” He asked her bluntly. And when faced with the following response, Scott learned his lesson: “100,000 subscribers and being faithful. Infidelity is not at all what I did before, I don’t want to do it again at all, it’s an image that I want to have away from me.” For me, these are mistakes I no longer want to make.”

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