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School, health, heritage… Great projects underway in Petit-Caux

Pair Fabien Massin
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The first groups were welcomed at the Clieu castle, converted into an accommodation center, in Derchigny-Graincourt (municipality of Petit-Caux), near Dieppe (Seine-Maritime). ©Fabien Massin

At the beginning of the school year, a brief review of current events in the city of Petit-Caux, near Dieppe (Seine-Maritime), with mayor Patrice Philippe.

• Creation of a daycare center in Berneval-le-Grand: “Those in Saint-Martin and Belleville will no longer meet building standards in 2026 and will require heavy work, explains Patrice Philippe. Therefore, we decided to close them and create a new one, between the two of us, in Berneval. There the project is on the right track, we are in the consultation phase with an architect who should be appointed in the coming weeks. The goal is for the future nursery to open in 2026.”

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Freed spaces

As for the daycare centers that are going to close, they will be converted, ways are being studied, in any case these two freed spaces will constitute new opportunities for the community.

• Nanny’s House in Assigny: “The works have begun, it will be inaugurated at the end of 2024. We took the opportunity to install an elevator to access the first floor of the town hall. »

• Rehabilitation of the Saint-Martin-en-Campagne school: “Prefabricated houses have been installed and work should begin at the end of the year. Everything has to be redone, it is a forty-year-old building that is losing strength, we only preserve the walls. The classes will go to the prefabricated houses in shifts, it is a box operation, as was the case in Penly, where it is already completed. » The work will last two years.

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• After-school canteen and reception in Tourville-la-Chapelle: “The permit has been submitted, we are in a business consultation phase. The goal is to open at the end of 2025.”

• Health center: “It will be a multidisciplinary center (doctors, physiotherapists, ophthalmologists, etc.), next to the Saint-Martin-en-Campagne town hall. The needs are very great, we are in a medical desert, with two doctors for every 10,000 inhabitants. And without a dedicated location, we know it’s not possible to attract healthcare professionals. » Opening planned for mid-2026.

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Gendarmerie: decision still pending

• Matins bleus nursing home: “The expansion has already been done, but there are still two years left to improve. »

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• Château de Clieu transformed into an accommodation center: “The first tests were conclusive and allowed us to make improvements. The first groups welcomed told us that they would return. Now the marketing phase really begins and we are thinking about offering complete programs that include activities, not just accommodation.

• Tourville Church: “Narrowly saved!” Its reopening is scheduled for the end of the month. »

• Regarding the arrival of a gendarmerie brigade, the community is still waiting for a response from state services.

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