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Russell Brand ended his marriage to Katy Perry over a text message

In addition to the accusations of rape and sexual assault made by four women in the press, former British presenter and actor Russell Brand saw a police complaint and the shelving of several projects on Monday. Since the first revelations over the weekend, which Russell Brand flatly denies, the issue has not stopped growing in the United Kingdom. To the point of provoking a reaction even in Downing Street, where Prime Minister Rishi Sunak’s spokesman spoke of “very serious and worrying allegations.”

Passionate about comedy since his adolescence, he started at MTV at the age of 25, where he was fired for dressing up as Osama bin Laden the day after the September 11 attacks and inviting his dealer to the studios. In 2002, he had his first show on a rock radio station, three years later he started his “Russell Brand Show” on BBC Radio 6 and then transferred to BBC2. He resigned in 2008 after a phone call deemed obscene on air, which generated thousands of complaints.

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He went to Hollywood, shot several films, the most famous of which remains “Without Sarah, nothing works” (2008).

He married American singer Katy Perry in 2009, a marriage he ended via text message 14 months later. In an interview with Vogue in 2013, Katy Perry spoke of a “magical man”, funny, but also “very controlling” and of a “real truth” – hidden – to explain the end of her marriage. He then had a relationship with Jemima Goldsmith (daughter of billionaire James Goldsmith), separated after a year. Russell Brand has since remarried blogger Laura Gallacher and the couple is expecting a third child.

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