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Rosalie Vaillancourt talks about her adventure in Get Me Out of Here: “I developed new fears”

Rosalie Vaillancourt recently surprised by appearing among the first three candidates announced for the second season of Get Me Out of Here.

In fact, this is not necessarily where we expected the comedian and actress, but it is where we will see her this winter.

Cruising on the red carpet at Gémeaux, where she finally won the “Best Comedy” award for Complètement lycée (see our photos of the winners below), Rosalie was kind enough to tell us about her experience in the jungle, which was a real surprise for her.

« I like summer camps and that’s when I told myself, this is a summer camp where they pay me. », she says amused. “ I saw it last year and I said to myself: “it’s easy, it’s discussions around a fire with some cockroaches.” I’m not afraid of insects. »

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Obviously, the artist’s perceptions changed quite quickly once in the field:

I felt insecure from the first day. I really hit a wall, I thought it would be easy. This year they really added levels of difficulty. When we got home we thought we knew what we’d gotten ourselves into, but it quickly became “what trouble have I gotten myself into?” I really thought to myself, this is the worst idea in the world I ever had. But at the same time, I still had fun. Plus, I really felt like I was thinking about myself. I didn’t take care of the baby. She was in another universe. It did me good to think about myself a little.

« I developed new fears », he told us laughing. “ If I go to the bathroom now, I always look in the sink before sitting down. », he adds, leaving us only to imagine what could have happened to him to develop this fear.

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In all sincerity, the comedian tells us that she would not try her luck again: “ Never in the life! That’s enough! I did it, I know I can do it. If someone does this again it’s because he didn’t get it the first time. I think I went to get what I wanted to get. »

How will we discover Rosalie Vaillancourt in a new light in this reality show? The main interested party tells us:

People will see that I am very sensitive. There are people who think I’m not because I’m always joking, but I am. I’m afraid too, people think I’m not afraid of anything. You will see that sometimes I am insecure. And sometimes I’m a little gross (laughs).

His partner, Olivier Auger, added: “ Her boyfriend is a very good father. (laughs)”, to which the comedian agrees without hesitation.

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In addition, these two are part of our top of the most beautiful couples of the Gemini 2023 evening. See our photos here.

The long-awaited second season of Get Me Out of Here will air next January. There are still eleven other candidates to be announced. When will this happen? Not even the producer and presenter Jean-Philippe Dion seemed to know this Sunday. To be continue!

Here the next destination is announced, very different from the first season.

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