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Road to 2023: How can we get more women to lead in tech?

These figures tell us something: while women are taking more and more positions in most academic and scientific fields; There is also a reference in IT that has not been reversed. How can we get more women at the helm of tech across the board?

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The Challenge of Recognizing Unconscious Bias

Unconscious biases are perceptions or beliefs that we are not even aware of. So it is quite possible that, when asked, we are in favor of teams being diverse, That women take up more and more space. However, when we look at the reality, We see that it is difficult to embody this desireEspecially in our industry. This is because, while making decisions like who to hire or promote main obstacle It is not what we want, but in our sunconscious bias.

Unconscious bias is real. in the world of technologyRecognizing gender bias is the first step towards solving the problem. Businesses need to take a hard look at their own preconceptions and plan to counter them, Women are four times more likely to be considered than men Gender discrimination as a barrier For promotion, according to a recent report by TrustRadius.

there’s a way to make it work involving comprehensive feedback processes It is the result of feedback from a superior, a peer, a self-evaluation and another person on the team. this is one solid way to reduce biasInvolving the opinions of different team members.

Influence of women in leading positions

tuition is a Great impact on professional development both mentors and mentees. a little over half business professionals They say they have a mentor, according to a survey by Olivet Nazarene University, But 82% of the men surveyed said they had a male guardianwhile only 69% of women have a Female guardian. This is a clear and concrete point where companies and universities Can start getting better: It’s both necessary to attract more women into technology and get them into the executive level Offer sponsorship and mentoring opportunities For ladies at all levels, how to put in them Reference place for women.

In the case of NearSure, we have had success with mentoring programs and therefore we believe The technology industry must be committed to providing opportunities for growth for all genders through such initiatives.


Educating women about careers in technology

to attract more women technology leadership position, they must first know that these opportunities exist. His vote educate early about Career and Learning Options Available. This way, they get both the interest and the skill successful from a young age To excel in STEM careers.

That’s why we’re committed Sponsor events and organizations that help them enter this field, for example, the Jump conference organized by MediaChicas, a non-profit organization with a mission to bridge the digital gender gap, and Las de Sistemas, a transfeminist community of women, lesbians FemIT , transvestites, trans and non-binary, working in the technology industry.

Internationally, we also work with Girls Who Code, which since 2012 strives to teach computer and programming skills to young women through courses, camps, and clubs. Also with Girls in Tech, a non-profit organization that aims to empower women in technology.


CUTI reported that there are 3,000 vacancies in the computer sector.

CUTI reported that there are 3,000 vacancies in the computer sector.

Harmonizing Words and Actions: Building an Inclusive Business Culture

i’m lucky to drive one Company that values ​​diverse backgrounds and perspectives Wherein, the leadership team has more than 50% women. from there we understand It is our collective responsibility to promote technology leadership.

it does not depend only on employers, who are the ones who encourage employees, provide opportunities for skill development, and mentoring in their organizations. and it’s not just male colleaguewho add voice to voices neglected and underrepresented populations, which are often overlooked. neither are teacherswhat young women should be taught about their Ability to pursue STEM at a young age. We all must work together to change the culture from the inside out.

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