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Rewatch the drama at the British crown and five other news of the week

One of the biggest attacks on the Sussexes by the British press has been based on the fact that, apparently, American actress Meghan Markle was a bad influence on the then Prince Harry. And he manipulated it permanently, being the reason for the departure of the youngest children of King Carlos III from the British monarchy.

Harry responded to these comments and revealed an awkward moment in which his brother William yelled at him and resigned during the last three episodes of Netflix’s successful documentary Harry and Meghan, which has already displaced The Crown among viewers. Also clarified the truth behind. and the Sussexes’ distance with the royal family.

In the fifth episode, Harry claims that it was his decision to step back as a royal. “She never asked to go. I was the one who had to see it for myself. But In the documentary, Harry says, “To pin the blame on him is wrong in the absolute worst.”

and criticizes the narrative created by the media towards Meghan, which In some cartoons she was shown as a woman carrying Harry on a chain as a pet.

return to bogota

Fito Paz, Argentine singer-songwriter – photo: Getty Images

Argentinian singer-songwriter Fito Paez, most recently winner of two Latin Grammys in the categories Pop/Rock Song and Best Pop/Rock Album, along with Colombian Carlos Vives. Will arrive again in Bogotá, this time with his tour El Amor Despues del Amor.

11&6, the voice behind great themes from the Latin American songbook such as Mariposa Technicolor, El Amor Después del Amor, Dos en la Ciudad and Dar es Dar will be presented at the Movistar Arena on May 20 next year.

This presentation is given within the framework of the celebration of the 30th anniversary of the appearance of one of the artist’s most iconic recordings: Love After Love.

The record, which was released in 1992, is Pez’s seventh studio album. The Argentine will arrive in Colombia after a tour that will take him to the United States and several cities in Latin America. In some of these places the ticket office is already sold out. Along with Fito, another Argentine who will return to Colombia is Miguel Mateos.

come to the big screen

Rigoberto Oraon, Colombian cyclist – photo: Alexandra Ruiz Poveda-Week

RCN Channel announces that its content for 2023 will be Within the Grid Antioquia will be a novel inspired by the life of the charismatic cyclist Rigoberto UranWhich has been recognized in major international competitions such as the 2012 London Olympics, the Giro d’Italia and the Tour de France.

The novel would recreate aspects such as the cyclist’s beginnings, the tragic death of his father, and his many sporting achievements.

The Rigo production will come from the hands of actor Juan Pablo Urrego, who most recently played another famous athlete, murdered soccer player Andres Escobar. The directors of the channel say that it will now embody “the story of one of the most beloved and important cyclists ever born in Colombia”.

It is known that Urrego has had multiple encounters with the original Rigo in order to capture his essence. and get a better characterization.

cali is a raving

babble, show cali – photo: Ernesto Guzmán Jr. – Courtesy Babble

Due to its traditional fair, one of the most popular in the country, every December Cali becomes one of the most sought after destinations by Colombians and foreigners alike to spend the New Year’s Eve season.

precisely, Within the framework of these five-day festivities filled with music and rumba, Delirio Tent will premiere its new showThe second one this year, which, traditionally, combines the best of salsa dancing, circus, orchestra and popular culture of the people of Cali.

Starting next December 26, locals and visitors will be able to enjoy a show called Celebration, a new dance story that brings together more than 150 artists on stage and an orchestra that, according to tradition, welcomes the best musical talent from the region. ,

After 500 productions in Cali, La Carpa Delirio will reopen its doors in the city where it was born and other destinations, affecting more than 615,000 people and traveling to more than 21 countries.

singer to soldier

Kim Seok-jin, better known by his stage name Jin, is a South Korean singer, actor, model, presenter, songwriter, and dancer. He belongs to the K-pop group, BTS. – photo: Getty Images

BTS star Jin began his mandatory military service in South Korea this week, becoming the first member of the popular K-pop band to stage one of the biggest music events of the last decade. The news comes months after the group announced the discontinuation of music and concerts, leaving its fans heartbroken.

And is that, according to the laws of that country, in the South Korean Armed Forces, every man between the ages of 18 and 28 must serve for at least 18 months, according to the division of the military. The group is believed to reunite in 2025, when all seven of its members will have served in the military.

What worries the band’s fans the most is that the place where Kim Seok-jin, the artist’s given name, will serve his military service is one of the most dangerous places in that Asian nation, because It is located near the border with North Korea, a country with which South Korea has serious conflicts.

actor now?

Andrés Cepeda, Colombian singer-songwriter – photo: Cepeda Press Office

As is tradition, every 25 December Dago García premieres a comedy. And this year will be no exception. In association with Prime Video and Cineplex USA, Colombians will be able to watch Gospel, a musical by Andrés Cepeda that tells the story of his quest to form a gospel choir with Humberto and extras (all Afro-descendants) for a musical show .

Many people ask the question whether the singer will become an actor. the answer is yes. Although it is no different from playing the role itself, The Bogotá man actively participated in the recording of the film and like another dedicated actor in the cast, he memorized the dialogues and learned about the plans and cameras for months.

The artist, who will release an album next year, cHe shared a set with the cast which mixed veteran actors with young faces: Fabio Rubiano, Ramses Ramos, Indira Serrano, Margoth Velasquez, Yarlo Ruiz, Cristian Villamil and Paola Valencia.

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