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Prophecy about Narco and US Ambassador’s warning for justice

you should move because his prediction is coming trueTragically, and the country he loved and fought for till the very last moment of his life, is in imminent danger.

warns that Ecuador runs the risk of becoming a narco democracyProduced by Francisco Huerta Montalvo13 years ago, it’s scaryIn light of the events happening today.

He’s been ambassador to the United States, Michael J. Fitzpatricktalking about which shook the country some time ago Narco-General and Narco-Judgeand of visa clearancewho have now stated that “the fighting posters to control between routes, ports, prison and justice,

that the diplomat pointed to justice, so directly, in a forum at the Universidad Andina, has been a kind Reality Check for the CountryWhile most were delighted with the World Cup, and carried away by the excitement of the goals and feats of those gladiators on the field.

“Cartels are fighting among themselves for control of routes, ports, prisons and the justice system.”

Michael J. Fitzpatrick

The tone used by the White House representative is proof of that Worry what is their reason What happens in Ecuador.

He stated that when judges’ decisions in a society cease to deliver justice and become “a mere bureaucratic exercise, or worse”, Camouflage to protect drug traffickers, thugs and frontmenPaid to wash his face, his money and his public image, justice loses relevance and hence, people stop believing in it.

This is the country that Huerta Montalvo warned about when discovering Effects of drug trafficking in different regions Society, when as a member of the Transparency and Truth Commission, he investigated the Colombian attack on the Angostura camp in Sucumbios, in which the leader of the FARC, Alias ​​Raúl Reyes, died in 2008.

Bringing horrific episodes to light has led to criticism and marginalization. The authorities denied everything, and society looked the other way.

unacceptable reality, evil was allowed to spread, But Huerta Montalvo was never silent.

Last April – three months before he died – he told El Universo that mafias linked to drug trafficking “have penetrated the armed forces, police, political parties and even sports federations.”

It confirms what Ambassador Fitzpatrick said last week dramatic realitypowered by now The impotence that reigns.

The mafia “has penetrated the armed forces, the police, political parties and even sports associations.”

Francisco Huerta Montalvo

For this reason, the words of the representative of Washington have to be imbibed.

,when random judges release murderers And again and again for their defenders, these killers and their narco-lawyers laugh and dance as they walk out of court and into the bank. All branches of the state clearly need to work,” he reiterated.

And it went ahead. In his speech, distributed responsibilities Or, at least, he suggested, knowing that his country is not only the biggest destination for drugs leaving Europe as well as Ecuador, but it is also the country that does the most to help combat this international crime. and provides assistance.

From national assembly Said have debt to boost regulatory change that are necessary; Of national courtwhich should issue unified standards that create certainty and fill legal gaps, and Judiciary Council Which punishes those who misuse the authority, whether they are judges, prosecutors, defense lawyers or trial lawyers.

diplomat insisted on talking about what he said “the purchase of judgesThe witness intimidationThe routine abuse of habeas corpus and about those legal processes which are not extended to the large majority of ppl (persons deprived of liberty) nor to the poor because they do not have access to a narco-advocate,

And he also told what formula he believes in combating the mafia: extraditionThe successful mechanism of the United Nations Convention against Transnational Crime and Corruption.

that’s right, extradition the first question of the referendum is called by President Lasso for February 5, 2023, Simultaneously with the election of the Sectional Officers.

Interviewed last April regarding drug trafficking, Francisco Huerta said something else: “In the next campaigns, if there is no control, they will elect all the mayors they want,” he said.

Is anyone doing anything about it? Does the CNE have a strategy in place to prevent the campaign from being tainted with ill-gotten money?

In the past few hours, Telemazonas reported that a Manabi court, despite the recovery of numerous evidence and tons of drugs, released 18 detainees, 14 of whom have warrants for their arrest in the United States.

It was a massive operation that was carried out two years ago with the assistance of the United States Department of Homeland Security, the National Police and the DEA. Everything was rejected by the judges. The prosecution will appeal.

Faced with such facts, it remains only to draw conclusions. Francisco Huerta’s prophecy is being fulfilledBecause nobody did anything to stop it.

At the warning of the ambassador of the United States of America, Will justice do anything?

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