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Property tax increase in 2023: Here’s how to get relief from this tax

Property taxes will increase by at least 7.1% for all homeowners in 2023, with stark disparities by city. Some municipalities will thus experience spectacular increases, such as Paris (+51.9%). However, in certain cases, it is possible to obtain a reduction or total exemption from this tax.

A very high bill, but not for everyone. While non-monthly property owners already received their property tax notice in late August, monthly taxpayers will discover the bill starting September 22. But some may benefit from a reduction in the amount of this annual tax, or even be completely exempt, thanks to new provisions in the 2023 finance bill.

Temporary exemption

In fact, the 2023 finance bill made it possible to extend a property tax reduction or exemption to certain people and according to certain criteria. First of all, according to the text, owners of homes purchased new or for sale in a future state of completion are, in principle, exempt for two years following the completion of the construction works.

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Some may extend this exemption up to fifteen years in the event that the home was built with a loan under the HLM regime, or financed by more than 50% through loans assisted by the State (with the exception of homes financed under the HLM regime). zero interest). loan), as reported on the public service’s website.

In addition, a homeowner may also be exempt from property tax if he or she has a vacant home, typically used for rental purposes. However, this vacancy must be involuntary on the part of the owner, and must last at least three months.

Permanent exemption

It is also possible to benefit from a permanent property tax exemption based on several criteria: people over 75 years of age, subject to a means test (even for their second residence), as well as holders of the disabled adult allowance.

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The resource conditions depend on the reference tax income of the previous year, which must be lower than certain ceilings of the family quotient. For 2023, it is set at 11,885 euros for the first share, and more than 3,174 euros for each additional half share. Taxpayers who subsequently exceed this limit will continue to be exempt for two years.

For recipients of Supplementary Disability Allowance or Solidarity Allowance for Older Persons, no means test is necessary to obtain a full exemption.

Partial reduction

Also according to the text of the law, the partial reduction only affects taxpayers over 65 years of age and under 75 years of age. They can benefit from a property tax reduction of 100 euros depending on certain resource conditions.

Limit of 50% of income

Finally, it is possible to obtain a property tax cap. In fact, depending on the taxpayer’s income, some who could not benefit from an exemption may have the amount of their tax limited. To do this, you must not be subject to the Real Estate Asset Tax, and have a reference tax income that does not exceed 27,947 euros for the first part of the family quotient, as well as 6,530 euros for the first additional half and 5,140 euros for the other half actions.

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Therefore, if all the conditions are met, you simply have to request a cap through a form, and the part of the property tax that exceeds 50% of the tax household’s income is eliminated. In case of error in taxation, it is possible to file a complaint with the public finance center to examine the file, the tax website specifies.

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