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Pretzel position: instructions for use, advantages and disadvantages.

Attention sweet tooth and sweet tooth: you are looking for new sexual positions to Add a little spice to your sex life? The pretzel position may be for you! Yes, you read correctly, the famous Alsatian pastry gave its name to a sexual position. What exactly does it consist of? And how do it without risk ? Answers from Evelyne Dillenseger, clinical sexologist and couples therapist, member of the National Union of Clinical Sexologists (SNSC).

What is the position of the pretzel?

The pretzel sex position, also called pretzel bonding, directs lovers to embrace each other tenderly to go up to seventh heaven. Specifically, the partners confront each other and intertwine so well that they end up creating a figure worthy of the famous pastry chef.

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Let’s take the example of a heterosexual couple: the man and the woman. kneel facing each other, before each raises the left or right leg. Then they bring their pelvises as close as possible and begin their embrace, leading to caresses and kisses. The man penetrates his lover and, as soon as they are both ready, he begins to move back and forth. more or less fast. Before intensifying the thrusts, she would do well to grab her waist and hold her against him to prevent her from falling backwards.

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The pretzel, on its knees or lying down?

As noted above, the pretzel position is usually practiced on your knees. but it exists an elongated variation of the pretzelFor those who are afraid of losing balance or prefer to vary angles! The person who is about to be penetrated must lie on his left or right side and with one leg open, while his partner sits on his knees above the leg that remains extended. Once the lovers are in place, the person penetrates hugs the other with his second leg, which is on one side, and the shenanigans can begin. Don’t worry, it seems much more instinctive in practice! However, the penetration angle is still difficult to find and you will surely have to experiment a little at first. In any case, this variation is equal to conducive to tenderness and fusion than the other.

Who is this sexual position for?

The pretzel position does not require great athletic skills, but it does require a certain balance. She is not conducive to anal penetration (sodomy) – unless you contort yourself in all directions. In fact, the two partners face each other, which makes the vaginal penetration (although it is often difficult to find the right angle).

Therefore, the position is rather suitable for heterosexual couples and lesbian couples who use a strap-on dildo. Homosexual couples who practice anal penetration can trust positions like that of doggy stylethe spoon, the reverse horse or even the missionaryfor an awesome face to face.

Please note: Like any sexual position, the pretzel position can be practiced with your partner, a one-night stand, or a sex friend you trust.

Where to practice the pretzel position?

The pretzel position is all-terrain! Kneeling or lying down, it can be done in every room of the house, on a comfortable mattress, sofa, carpet, outdoors, etc. Any stable, solid support will do (although avoid furniture that is too fragile and risky, such as a glass coffee table).

The advice of Evelyne Dillenseger, clinical sexologist:

“The pretzel position is suitable for anyone who wants to gently explore their partner’s body, with a view of slow sex. Make sure you are on the same wavelength as your lover, to avoid frustration, because it is not the most appropriate for more heated lovemaking or for those who like deep penetration, she emphasizes.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of this Kamasutra position?

Compared to many positions, such as lotus, square, or octopus, the pretzel position requires little flexibility and brute physical strength. Of course, you have to have a little stamina to be able to keep your leg wrapped around your partner, when you make a pretzel in a lying position, but there is always time to drape your leg over your partner, or even to change position. “The pretzel position is also ideal in transition, before moving into, for example, the scissors position, the panda position or even the reverse missionary position,” notes Evelyne Dillenseger.

As stated from the beginning of the article, and as the name suggests, the position of the pretzel is ideal for tactile partners They like to immerse themselves in the gaze of others, smell, caress and kiss. The angle of penetration is not optimal (even less for smaller penises), the partners concentrate on each pelvic movement, even if that means reducing the pace, the time to (re)connect with your sensesto take and give pleasure better.

“The pretzel position can be absolutely performed without penetration, the sexologist would like to remind. Couples can take advantage of this face-to-face encounter to caress, kiss, lick, masturbate each other until orgasm, use various sex toys, etc.,” recalls the sexologist. Ideal, therefore, for homosexual and heterosexual couples who want to free themselves from penetration! It also allows you to discover new sensations fully clothed by practicing dry humpconsisting of rub against your or your partner (or against an object) to increase arousal.

The ideal opportunity to test the complicity between the couple and strengthen their romantic creativity, indicates Evelyne Dillenseger.

What precautions should be taken when practicing the pretzel position?

Contrary to what it seems, the pretzel position is not so simple and even less instinctive. The first challenge for lovers? Manage to maintain balance once kneeling. Then you must orient your pelvis correctly to allow penetration, but that does not take into account the size difference sometimes important between partners. If Madame’s vagina is much lower than Monsieur’s, for example, the position becomes dangerous. The trick? Place a cushion, pillow, or blanket under the knees of the person being penetrated so that can be raised slightly.

Unlike positions such as the churn, the Viennese oyster, the wheelbarrow or the tractor, the pretzel position carries little risk. However, it is not recommended for people suffering from hip and knee problems, but it is not strictly prohibited either: you can definitely take the plunge and change positions at the slightest pain. The same applies to pregnant women They may have difficulty maintaining this position for a long time, after a certain stage of pregnancy.

To limit friction and discomfort, see brake breakage in case of low natural lubrication, consider intimate lubricant ! There are water-, silicone- or oil-based ones, each with its advantages and disadvantages. If necessary, consult your pharmacist or healthcare professional. To prevent the risks of sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) and unwanted pregnancies, always remember to use a condom if you are not in an exclusive relationship and have not completed the necessary screening tests. “If it is well adjusted and placed correctly, the condom is not likely to slip, even if you turn it in all directions,” says the sexologist.

In conclusion, the position of the pretzel does not necessarily allow penetrationvery obvious or nice, but it has the merit of bringing partners together for a few minutes before moving on to a new position! “Therefore, it is essential communicate to properly coordinate your pelvic movements and allow penetration,” insists Evelyne Dillenseger. And if you really can’t do it, or the excitement doesn’t increase, choose another position!

Kamasutra positions have more to do with sexual curiosity, fantasies and erotic games. They should not become a source of frustration or conflict!, concludes the expert.

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