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Paloma Valencia: “Respect for the law is that whoever commits the crime is responsible regardless of his party”

Senator Paloma Valencia from the Democratic Center held a reflection on equality and respect for the law this Saturday, December 17, when it became known that seven members of the front line would be released and appointed peace spokesmen.

Via Twitter, Valencia said that equality before the law “is not only that they don’t put you in jail because you belong to an opposite ideology, but also that they don’t throw you out because you belong to the same ideology”. Huh.”

He said: “Respect for the law is that whoever commits a crime is held responsible, regardless of their political party or ideological affiliation.”

Last Thursday it was revealed that seven members of the frontline would be released and peace spokesmen would be appointed. Of these, five people are arrested and there are two who have a jail house. Two are from Medellin, one from Cali, two from Cauca and two more from Bogotá.

week It was learned that the decree was signed on the night of Thursday the 15th, exactly when President Gustavo Petro met behind closed doors with the Attorney General, Francisco Barbosa, to analyze the legal scope of his proposal.

The president fulfilled what he had promised since winning the presidential election last June 19, a point he reiterated two weeks ago when he said that young people on the front lines deserve to spend Christmas with their families. Huh.

This happened in the framework of talks with the presidents of the Community Action Board, which took place in Pasto, where the president confirmed: “Hundreds of young people detained in protest in different departments of Colombia will be arrested. Christmas Eve released before dusk”.

“They have a right to spend Christmas with their families,” the leader of the historic treaty said at a public event.

That day, Petro compared what happened to these controversial youths to what happened during the dictatorship in Chile, when dozens of young people were killed in stadiums. After Allende’s death: “In a stadium like this, cold and dark, they killed Victor Jara and dozens of young people.”

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