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“Once upon a time” at Studio 33 with Harry Fayt and Gery Rudent

“Once upon a time”: A journey to the past and human complexity

From September 30 to October 29, Studio 33 opens its doors to host the exhibition “Once Upon a Time,” a one-of-a-kind artistic experience. Two exceptional artists, Harry Fayt and Gery Rudent, have teamed up to take you on a journey through time and into the fascinating corners of human complexity.

Harry Fayt, the wizard of photography

Harry Fayt invites you on a journey to the last century, a time when magic worked differently. Through twelve captivating images, he transports you to 1940s America. There he met inspiring minds, such as Bruce Mozert, the pioneer of underwater photography, who introduced him to the great cartoonists of the time. These artists were the creators of the famous pin-ups, representations of sublimated, sexy and slightly clumsy women, which were once hung on the walls by the military and adored by advertising.

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Harry Fayt, in search of freshness and lightness after the years of pandemic, has found his new artistic project. He gives us back the joy of living, carefreeness and lightness, by presenting strong and independent women, preserving their beauty and originality. It is a return to a bygone era, but also a reminder of the vitality of life.

Gery Rudent, the sculptor of emotions

Gery Rudent, for his part, wonders about the mysteries of existence. Who is he really? A man among many others, a sculptor-artist rooted in his time, who examines the dark corners of our contemporary society. He aspires to reflect reality to his contemporaries, carefully observing his surroundings and communicating what he sees, what he reads and what he feels.

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His art is driven by human complexity. He puts man at the center of his creations, portraying the adventures and misfortunes of lives imprisoned in the mechanisms of the modern world. Gery Rudent casts a benevolent but critical and lucid look at the society that surrounds him. His true artistic challenge lies in transmitting emotions, an incessant search that pushes him to explore new techniques and materials to better express his vision of the world.

Once upon a time Mons exhibition not to be missed!

Exhibition open to the Public from September 30 to October 29
Saturday from 11 a.m. to 6 p.m.
Sunday from 2 to 6 p.m.
Free admission
STUDIO 33, rue d’Havré 33 in 7000 Mons

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Information: [email protected]

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