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Official Gazette of the Argentine Republic – Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation – Resolution 786/2022

resolution 786/2022


City of Buenos Aires, 12/16/2022

SEEN EX-2022-131009832- -APN-DDYGD#MCT, Law No. 27,701, Order No. 640 dated September 21, 2020, DCTO-2022-426-APN-PTE dated July 21, 2022, DECAD -2022-383- APN- JGM dated 13th April, 2022 and


The general budget of the National Administration for the year 2023 was approved by Law 27,701.

That Decree 426/22 provides that national public sector jurisdictions and entities included in subsections a) and c) of Article 8 of Law 24,156 on the Financial Administration and Control System of the National Public Sector cannot appoint and Nor can it recruit personnel. Any nature.

That the transitional designation extension promoted is steeped in the exceptions set out in sub-paragraph d) of Article 2 of the aforesaid Decree.

THAT pursuant to DECAD-2022-383-APN-JGM dated April 13, 2022, LICENSED DIEGO RAFAEL AROUH (DNI 22,364,357) was temporarily appointed as Director of Dispatch and Document Management.

Due to reasons of operational nature, it has not been possible to process the selection process for coverage of the post in question, which is why extension of the above temporary designation has been requested.

That the temporary coverage of the above fee does not constitute an extraordinary resource allocation.

The Directorate of Budget, Accounts and Finance, relying on the General Directorate of Administration of the Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation, has intervened in its capacity by stating that the budgetary credit for the current fiscal year is expected in 02-01-1 -1-1 expected Is.

That the General Directorate of Legal Affairs of the Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation has made appropriate interventions.

That this measure is issued on the basis of the emergent powers of Article 100, paragraph 3, of the National Constitution, Decree No. 355 of May 22, 2017 and Decree No. 640 of September 21, 2021.


Minister of Science, Technology and Innovation


Section 1.- Extend the temporary designation made under the same terms as DECAD-2022-383-APN-JGM, dated April 13, 2022, for a period of one hundred and eighty (180) working days, up to and including January 7, 2023. Position of Director of Dispatch and Document Management of the Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation Diego Rafael Arueh (DNI n ° 22.364.357), Level A – Grade 0 of the Collective Agreement of the Regional Work of System Personnel National Public Employment (SINEP), Decree no. Approved by 2098/08.

Payment is authorized in line with the Supplement to Executive Work Level II of the above Collective Area Work Agreement.

Article 2. – Notify the Public Management and Employment Secretariat of the Head of the Cabinet of Ministers within five (5) days of the issuance of this measure.

Article 3. The expenditure sought to comply with this measure will be met in the current financial year with the credit specified in 01-02-1-1-1.

Article 4. Communicate, publish, give to the National Directorate of Official Registry and Archive.

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I. 21/12/2022 n ° 103530/22 V. 21/12/2022

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