Saturday, June 3, 2023

Nigeria seeks advice in the field to modernize its agricultural technology

Delegation of senior nigerian officialmade of 25 reps Officials from the Ministry of Water Resources and Agriculture have visited the area for a firsthand view agriculture technology which applies. The meeting is organized by the regional forum Agritech MurciaCo-financed by the Development Institute (information), with the support of world Bank And this Company AzudIntegrated into Agritech.

Director of Information, joaquin gomezexplained that “the quality of service provided by twenty agritech companies, as well as the advanced technology of its facilities, is opening many doors to African markets, in which the problem of water scarcity is similar to that of the Spanish Levant and we can use our agriculture as well as providing highly proven solutions in the dozens of countries where we market these products, from the greenhouse different categories for irrigation systems adapted to the needs of different cultivable lands”.

With funding from the World Bank, members of the steering committee of the Nigerian Trimming Project also participate in the trip, with the aim of learning about new irrigation projects, mainly surface and drip irrigation. They are interested in learning about field experience modernization of irrigationThe relationship between public administration and irrigation and automation and control technologies, including the use and management of photovoltaic energy.

The Federal Government of Nigeria collaborates with the World Bank in the ‘Nigeria Irrigation Management Transformation Project’ programme.trimming)’ with the aim of improving access to irrigation and drainage services, improving the competitiveness of the country’s agriculture, promoting integrated management of water resources and the provision of agricultural services in some large-scale public systems north of Nigeria.

African delegation learns about the implementation of technologies produced by the company in the region heroic systemHas visited the Integrated Center for Agricultural Training and Experience (SifyaTorre Pacheo and Experimental Farm ‘Observer’Managed by the Murcian Institute for Agriculture and Environmental Research and Development (Imida), among other places dedicated to the research and development of regional agricultural technology.

This type of action, in this case with the coordination of Agritec Murcia, is part of foreign incentive scheme, executed by the Info and Chambers of Commerce of Murcia, Cartagena and Lorca, with a special emphasis on the Maghreb and West African markets. In fact, the new 2023-2025 foreign stimulus plan, which will be presented shortly, is expected to include a specific plan to boost exports to the African continent.

In recent months, visits have been made and meetings have been held with agents, organizations and institutions Egypt, Senegal, Morocco, Mauritania and TunisiaWith the institutional support of the governments themselves, the Spanish Institute of Commerce (ICEX) and the respective commercial offices of Spain in various destinations.

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