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NFL Week 15 betting trends: A tie is like kissing your sister

NFL betting trends are one of the best ways to get an idea of ​​what the public thinks about the games for the week. What many bettors may not realize is that it is their own behavior around the bets they place that can actually move the lines during the week, creating a chain and wave of new bets as the odds change. Is.

As we examine NFL Week 15 betting trends, we’ll look at all the ways the public is influencing the behavior of sportsbooks and the behavior of other bookmakers.

Luckily for us, Pickit tracks all the bets placed in its community, and we don’t need to look far to find out the latest betting trends across all the different sportsbook apps. This feature is one of the reasons why we named Pickit the best bet tracking app on the market.

NFL betting trends Week 15: The public loves the Eagles

The top NFL betting trends for Week 15 begin with two of the most exciting quarterbacks in the league, with MVP front-runner Jalen Hurts and his Philadelphia Eagles forward Justin Fields and the Chicago Bears. The Eagles are favorites on the road this week by anywhere from 8.5-9 points, and the over/under is set at 48.5.

Over 15,200 bets have been placed on this game in the Piquet community, 92.3% of all money on moneyline bets have come for eagles, and 96% of bets have come on that. On Moneyline, I think the public has caught on. The Eagles are on fire for quoting great NBA jams, and Justin Fields may have found a way to excite us with his play, but I’m not viewing this as a win.

The percentage is not that high, but the feeling is the same. 80.3% of the money has come to cover for the Eagles, with 78.9% of bets placed. The My Behavior Bets sports betting model is faking the public here. With the score projected at 28-22, the Bears could find a way to cover it up.

The public is divided on the Chargers and the Titans

The Titans have had to deal with this recently. It seems they have no choice but to take on offense named Derrick Henry. After winning seven of eight games, they have lost three in a row, and not only the playoffs are in question, but their ability to win the division.

The public thinks that a fourth consecutive defeat is inevitable. In this, 82.2% of the money from the Pikit community came on the Chargers, with 75.7% of the stakes. The Behavior Bates model is with the public. The Chargers, who are favored by 2.5-3 points in this one, are predicted to win.

It is against diffusion where the public is divided. 65% of the money is on the titans to cover the smaller spread, and 51% of bets follow suit. This is probably more an indictment of the Chargers than the Titans. Despite the Chargers’ big Sunday Night Football win a week ago, this is still a team people are struggling to believe in.

The model agrees and predicts a narrow two-point win for the Chargers, but it’s definitely a toss-up.

Washington Commanders Win, New York Giants Cover?

A tie is like kissing your sister, or so says Ted Lasso. This is exactly what happened two weeks back when these teams last met. The public is not ruling completely outside the realm of possibility this time.

The outcome of the game is not so much a question. 69.3%% of the public believe that Washington carries on. Accordingly, 82% of the money has flowed in that direction. The spread is 4.5 points in favor of commanders. The public thinks it could be huge, possibly in light of the result of the game two weeks earlier.

There are 64% bets for the Giants to cover that spread and keep it close. 54.6% of the money has come that way as well. These teams are very close, and if the season ends today, they will both be in the postseason.

Using their last game as a guiding light for this week is flawed. A few things happened in that match that the Giants were fortunate not to suffer. I previewed this game with my betting model and explained why I think Washington not only wins but wins by more than 4.5 points.

No one is kissing their sister this week.

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