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New automotive technology requires more specialized technicians

To meet the demand of the national market, new brands have chosen modern vehicles which contain high level of technology, The challenge that comes with this is the after-sales maintenance and repair services that need to be done by qualified technicians for each product.,

However, it is well known specialized human capital is scarce, not only in Mexico, but globally. This situation is in stark contrast to the millions of vehicles that are marketed in the world, which require effective after-sales services and a short lead time.

“Finding fresh talent that loves to train is becoming increasingly difficult, a situation faced by all brands. Many technicians focus on performing services and some want to master the clinical strategy, this creates a problem”, explained Jorge Pablo Martínez, in charge of technical training at Jetour Mexico, to T21.

As a fresh unpacked brand from China, Jetour Mexico addresses this issue with timely and scalable training plans,”We are developing training plans designed for technicians who currently work at distributors And to give continuity to the knowledge to the extent new units come in, we are trying to instill a culture of education for the benefit of the technicians and of course the customers”, he indicated.

Another issue that affects the supply of trained personnel at brand distributors is brain drain, “The automotive industry in general should encourage technicians to earn higher wages and that training should be something enjoyable, this is what But we should all bet because many times, with a higher degree of knowledge, they go to other brands that maybe offer them something else or start with their own workshops, ”explained Martínez.

The expert highlighted that while the pandemic led to a high turnover of technicians and loss of talent in workshops, the shortage led to high competition among workshops to become professionals.

“The challenge for the industry is to generate qualified technicians who develop a sense of belonging to brands. We need to work on empathy and good behavior of technicians”, explained Martinez.

Jetour Mexico is currently developing its training center in Mexico City.

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