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Near Nice we find some of the highest paid employees in France!

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The ranking of the French cities where salaries are highest was prepared by cool business based on government data for the last quarter of 2022.

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Unsurprisingly, Paris takes first place with an average monthly salary of 3,939.78 euros, compared to 2,587 euros nationwide. It benefits from its capital status and the presence of large companies. It is also easier to negotiate given the abundance of companies.

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cool business He was interested in the relationship between the number of employees in an urban area or a city and the wage bill generated.

Versailles-​Saint-​Quentin and Saclay occupy second and third place respectively. Other cities in the ranking are Savanes, Seine Yvelinoise, Bagnols-​sur-​Cèze and Toulouse.

Here we find Cannes in the “top 10”, in eighth place, with 144,000 employees and 2,975 euros.

  1. Paris: 3,515,851 employees; €3,939.78
  2. Versailles-San Quentin: 243,325 employees; €3,586.18
  3. Saclay: 197,987 employees; €3,354
  4. Savannahs: 5,679 employees; €3,319
  5. Seine Yvelinoise: 178,348 employees; €3,267
  6. Lyon: 789,285 employees; €2,981.60
  7. Grenoble: 21,728 employees; €2,981
  8. Cannes: 144,012 employees; €2,975
  9. Bagnols-​sur-​Cèze: 18,617 employees; €2,891
  10. Tolosa: 494,597 employees; €2,889.27
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