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Expansion of the departmental health center

Expansion Of The Departmental Health Center Expansion Of The Departmental Health Center

Expansion Of The Departmental Health Center Expansion Of The Departmental Health Center Expansion Of The Departmental Health Center

Despite all the goodwill, there is still a shortage of doctors. “In Saône-et-Loire, 60,000 inhabitants do not have a family doctor despite the departmental health centers,” says Dominique Lotte, vice president of the department in charge of health at the time of the inauguration of the expansion and development of the health center. Montceau-les-Mines. “There are at least 200 doctors missing,” she says.

Although André Accary, president of the department, “had a brilliant idea,” says the vice president, and although health is not the responsibility of the departmental council, in five years seven CDS have been opened in Saône-et-Loire, including Montceaules-Mines, which needed an expansion to allow an increase in reception capacity and thus meet healthcare needs.

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Today, the CST has three medical offices dedicated to general practitioners, an office shared by Asalée nurses and advanced practice nurses (IPA) and a psychology office, that is, five offices in total on an area of ​​364 m2 . “We count 60 visits a day,” announces Dominique Lotte.

In five years, the cost of the territorial health center of Montceau-les-Mines, inaugurated in 2018, amounts to 252,930 euros, taxes included, financed 50% by the city of Montceau and the department.

Since the opening of the first health center in Digoin, 71 doctors have been recruited in Saône-et-Loire. It is the Department that provides the medical and administrative equipment used in the CSTs; and the communities that participate financially and provide the premises.

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