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“Mona is sad and angry” Catherine Benguigui reacts to Vanessa’s pregnancy (Victoire Dauxerre)

Known on the occasion of the La Rochelle Fiction Festival, Catherine Benguigui reacted to the shocking announcement of Vanessa’s (Victoire Dauxerre) pregnancy in Tomorrow Belongs to Us. And the actress herself didn’t believe it!

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Here’s an announcement that Tomorrow Belongs to Us fans didn’t see coming: Vanessa (Victoire Dauxerre), the serial killer, is back in Sète… pregnant! It was she who announced it to Georges (Mayel Elhajaoui) at the end of the episode this Monday, September 18. Known on the occasion of the La Rochelle Fiction Festival, where six actors from the soap opera were present, Catherine Benguigui, who plays Mona, Georges’ mother (Mayel Elhajaoui reacts to Vanessa’s pregnancy), returned to this advertisement, and at least What we can say is that he was surprised!

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Tomorrow belongs to us: Catherine Benguigui’s reaction to Vanessa’s pregnancy

“It was a shock!” the actress told us. And to reveal the circumstances in which she found out that the scriptwriters had imagined this plot: “I didn’t know, we were discussing it among actors and they told me. That’s when I said ‘What?!’ And I was honest and reacted like I was Mona! she says, laughing. “I said, ‘But what? Did he sleep with her? It’s not possible! I wasn’t thinking about that at all! As for how Mona will react, she confesses: “She’s sad and angry because she doesn’t really know how to react.” And to remember the consequences of this announcement: “This shocks Bart because we have to remember that Vanessa killed Louise anyway, so Georges comes back with his face covered in flour, and that he is still in love with this psychopath, that is a “There are many problems. There are tensions at Spoon, so it’s difficult.”

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Tomorrow belongs to us: “For Mona, it will be Sophie’s choice”

Catherine Benguigui remembers that Mona has always dreamed of being a grandmother and, therefore, she will find herself facing a dilemma. “For her it will be like Sophie’s choice, because she wants to be a grandmother, but being a grandmother to the child of a psychopath is complicated! For this plot, I thought about the children of terrorists: it is still a life, a birth… Could Mona love him as if he were, for example, Victoire’s son? That would have been her dream, although she didn’t want it either. The truth is that she doesn’t like any of her daughters-in-laws,” he concludes, laughing.

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