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MinTIC has received 36 reports of cyber attacks in Colombia

From the Colombian Cyber ​​Emergency Response Team -COLCERT, Ministry of Information Technology and Communications, MinTIC has received over the past month and a half 36 Cyber ​​Security Incident Reports Impersonation of websites, with 19 reports, and impersonation of email domains, with 8 reports, are the most frequent practices.

According to the ministry, other attacks occurred through user account tampering actions, Information hijacking or ransomware, web application breaches and delivery denial of services.

ICT Minister, Sandra Urrutia, pointed out that of the 36 cyber attacks reported, 18 affected national public entities, 5 regional public entities, and the remaining 18 targeted private sector companies and organizations.

,Cyber ​​security of the country is a priority for the national government And for this reason, from the Ministry of ICT we have convened an inter-institutional table to clarify the public institutions that have an intervention in the matter, such as industry and commerce, the prosecutor’s office and the superintendence of the national police; We are going to redouble our efforts to guarantee the cyber security of companies and citizens.”

Similarly, he took stock of the cyber security situation being faced by some companies and institutions in the country.

EPM case

On 13 December, COLCERT became aware of a digital security incident at Empresas Públicas de Medellín -EPM through the ICT Ministry’s Security Analysts Group. Liaison immediately established with EPM IT and Cyber ​​Security departments to activate a course of action This allowed the re-establishment of the operation and post-event analysis with the company from Antioquia.

The related complaint was also filed with the Cybernetic Center of the National Police and the capabilities of the COLCERT Group were made available to the EPM to support and coordinate the identification, prevention, elimination and recovery activities of the operation.


In case of cyber incident reports to Kerala Group and companies such as Colsanitas or EPS Sanitas, COLCERT has already established contact with the person in charge of the Information Technology Office of the organization to support the process of prevention and elimination. Threats and Extortion. Of operation.

Back Coordinated and led the working group with the directors of Colsanitas and representatives of the Ministry of Health, the Health Superintendence and the National Police; The Superintendent of Industries and Commerce was also informed about the attack, a complaint was lodged with the Cyber ​​Center of the National Police. and made available to the organization its capabilities to support and coordinate the identification, prevention, eradication and recovery activities of the operation.

In this way, the Ministry of ICT indicates that it has created rules, guidelines and standards for a secure digital ecosystem in Colombia.In addition to providing assistance to public and private entities in the management of events and incidents that compromise digital security.

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