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Mika (40 years old) is honest about the category of people who terrify him: “I’m afraid…

Mika (40 years old) is honest about the category of people who terrify him: “I’m afraid… An internationally recognized artist and highly appreciated in France, where he enjoys particular popularity, Mika is preparing to celebrate the turning point of his forties with the release of a new album at the end of 2023. Recently invited by France 2 to talk about one of the Titles. , “C’est la vie”, which he released as a single, the Lebanese took the opportunity to talk about a category of people that scare him…

If he sometimes manages to stay away from the public scene for several months, make no mistake: Mika works all the time or almost. The proof is that the Beirutian is preparing to publish in a few weeks her first album sung exclusively in French. And to keep his fans waiting, he released the song “C’est la vie” at the beginning of September, which you can discover below:

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Mika’s irrational fear of the police

Whoever says launch of a new project says “promotion” is mandatory, so it was on the Télématin set that the interpreter of “Relax, take it easy” stopped by this Thursday. During the exchange, while explaining that he had always wanted to be a musician, he revealed that he never imagined himself as a police officer or firefighter. And because:

I was afraid of the police. I’m still afraid of the police.

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Although he did not want to give more details about the exact reasons for this fear, Mika stressed that it was a “childhood reflex.” However, the artist insisted on describing the police officers as “good”, which shows that she is not opposed to this in any way. Despite everything, and for reasons only he knows, the fear persists.

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Naturally stressed, Mika has another phobia that surprises at first glance: people knocking on his door. But in this case, this fear is especially justified… To understand it, we have to go back to 2010, when her sister Paloma fell from the window of her London building, to which she had just moved. A relative then went to look for the artist knocking on her door:

She came knocking on my door. Even today I get startled when someone knocks on my door. It has become a phobia. I hate it, she makes me scream.

Fortunately, Paloma miraculously survived this almost 15 meter fall, and has even become a mother since then. Quite a stroke of luck.

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Mika didn’t want to talk much about his fear of the police, but this fear persists even at 40 years old. An amazing phobia, which, perhaps, will end one day after a timely meeting with the police. Will we ever know?

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