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Microsoft Copilot announces: artificial intelligence companions for daily work – Technology, Science

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Microsoft announces new AI-powered product features that will help its users with almost any task. The company says that with these innovations, computer users are entering a new era of artificial intelligence, which will significantly change the relationship people have with technology and the benefits it offers. Thanks to new technologies merging chat interfaces and large language models, the user can now ask the questions they are interested in for free, and new technologies will be smart enough to respond, create content or suggest options for action.

Think about user comfort, thanks to artificial intelligence Co-pilot “Copilot” function integrated with the company’s most used and preferred products (e.g. GitHub to write code more efficiently, Microsoft 365) to increase work efficiency, bing and edge – improve Internet browsing and search functions, and also the Windows Environment for daily work with a computer and various programs.

Microsoft has just announced the new Microsoft Copilotthat merges all the possibilities that artificial intelligence offers the user in a unique and integrated experience. Co-pilot will be able to uniquely combine the context provided by the Web, the data obtained from the user’s work with the computer and what is being done at that moment to offer each user unique support guaranteeing confidentiality and security.

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Since September 26 Co-pilot will be released as part of windows 11 Free update of the operating system, and soon also in the search engine. bingin the browser edge and microsoft 365 in applications.

With more than 150 new features, the Windows 11 update will be one of the most ambitious yet and will offer Co-pilot opportunities and solutions driven by artificial intelligence also in programs such as Painting, Photos and Clipchamp.

Some of the new features of Windows 11:

Co-pilot function for Windows (in preview) allows users to multitask more easily and reduce workload by simplifying previously complex tasks;

– Use the new Perspectives for the operating system the WindowsYou can combine and sync multiple of your accounts, including Gmail, Yahoo, iCloud and much more, all in one application. Smart tools help you write clear, concise emails and easily attach important documents and photos to OneDrive storage facilities;

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– Advance File Browser It will feature an updated home page, address bar, and search box designed to make it easy to access important and relevant content, get up-to-date file information, and share files without even opening them.

More information about windows 11 Updates can be found here:

News bing and edge The features are designed to improve users’ daily lives using the most advanced artificial intelligence capabilities available. Users have access Chat with Bing from Microsoft Edge or the website, where new features will begin to appear soon.

News Surface Devices for individual users and companies.

Microsoft considers this to be one of the best times to take advantage of artificial intelligence (IM). Surface in devices for which the company aims to provide the highest performance and advanced processor technologies. New AI capabilities will be available Windows Studio Effects Arkansas Surface Pro 9 and 5G, continually refining AI models into powerful devices like the new Portable Surface Studio 2.

You can learn more about the new Surface devices here:

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A new era of artificial intelligence with Microsoft Copilot

microsoft is committed to creating user experiences that integrate artificial intelligence in a simple, safe and responsible way in its most popular products. Start with the operating system windows 11offering cutting-edge artificial intelligence for work, school and home, productivity tools microsoft 365and for innovative information retrieval and web browsing with bing and edge. everything is combined windows 11 on computers and devices such as Surface. Co-pilot The goal of development is to help users get things done, create their content, and communicate better and easier.

More information is available on the Microsoft 365 blog or the security blog.


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