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Mental health: this announcement will not help French students!

In Belgium, Ms Bertieaux stated that mental health problems among students were not the responsibility of the school.

Mental health is a topic that interests many people. Simply because a large number of people face many problems. However, for some, Concerns about students’ mental health would not come from establishments.

How to improve it?

When we talk about mental health, we often refer to depression. It is the main disorder that affects the majority of the population. Fortunately, There are many tips that will help us feel better.

And, in fact, overcome problems related to mental health. Surprising as it may seem, trends exist on TikTok. And these sometimes help you improve. In case we choose the right trends, of course.

Because on the Chinese social network, there is not always good advice. Therefore, it is necessary to know how to navigate the application to find the best tips. In addition to having tips on TikTok, there are other “natural” tips.

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You probably suspected it, but having a pet can help you feel better. Like having a cat for example. Remember that if you want to have an animal in your home, you must have time.

To avoid abandonment, you should take some time to think before getting a hairball. But if you are one of the people who can take care of it, Know that a cat can do good. for your mental health.

You doubt it? For this reason, we invite you to take a look at the article that we have dedicated to this topic. Just click here. To discover why cats can be beneficial for the mind and prevent depression.

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Mental health: this announcement will not help French students!

The mental health of students is not the responsibility of the establishments

But what about the mental health of young people? In fact, middle and high school students don’t get to choose whether they’re going to get a cat or not. It’s up to the parents to decide. In fact, how can you preserve your sanity?

According to Bertieaux, it would not be up to the establishments to take charge of this. In any case, this is what our colleagues at Sud Info convey to us. He made it known that these concerns arise at the federal level, or even at the level of the Walloon Region or the Cocof.

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And to the educational institutions themselves. « I think we need to move away from this logic.. Which consists of asking higher education itself to take charge of… all of society’s problems. Those who touch or can touch their educational community ». She said.

He also explains, always on the topic of mental health: « Higher education must focus on its core missions. While we build alliances. With specialized professional services (…) that go beyond their field of expertise ».

The minister also indicated that these problems do not belong to the social services of higher education establishments. It wouldn’t be up to them. « replace existing psychological help services ».

It remains to be seen if everyone agrees with his statements.

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