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Matignon appoints a committee of experts on artificial intelligence

Matignon appoints a committee of experts on artificial intelligence Composed of fifteen personalities, including renowned AI researchers, it must present its recommendations within six months to guide government policies.

«Thirty years ago, we let the digital revolution pass because we focused on regulation and neglected technological achievement. We cannot afford to lose this second chance. We must master artificial intelligence technologies to avoid being subject to the standards of other powers.», the Minister of Economy, Bruno Le Maire, insisted on Tuesday at the opening of the first inter-ministerial committee dedicated to AI.

Sponsored by Prime Minister Elisabeth Borne, the event also brought together the ministers of Labor, Culture, Research, Public Service, and Digital Affairs, the sectors most affected by this new technological revolution.

In 2018, France launched its first strategic plan on artificial intelligence. A second stage was announced last June by Emmanuel Macron, which includes a budget of 500 million euros to provide at least three French training courses in the best universities in the world in the field of AI and double the number of engineers. high level. and researchers from their ranks.

Yann Le Cun and Luc Julia are among the experts

But the government intends to go further by bringing generative artificial intelligence into the hands of citizens and companies, which has its promises but also its risks. To guide him in his policies, Matignon just appointed this Tuesday a committee of high-level experts on AI.

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This committee, chaired by economist Philippe Aghion and Anne Bouverot, president of the board of directors of the Ecole Normale Supérieure, brings together some of the most renowned French AI researchers. Yann Le Cun, one of the “parents» from deep learning and current head of AI research at the American group Meta is on the list of 15 experts, as are Luc Julia (Chief Scientific Officer at Renault and co-designer of Apple’s Siri voice assistant) and Joëlle Barral, Director of Research of AI at Google Deepmind.

Another member comes from this company, Arthur Mensch, who has just launched the start-up Mistral AI. Also included are the former Secretary of State for Digital Cédric O, the CEO of Dassault Systèmes Bernard Charlès*, and Isabelle Ryl, director of the Paris Institute of Artificial Intelligence in Inria.

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A Parallel Mission on Culture

The roadmap of this committee, led by Bercy, is broad. And he will only have six months to present his recommendations to the government, with an interim report expected in November. “We will analyze the impact of artificial intelligence on our economy, employment, growth, the fight against inequalities», commented Philippe Aghion. “Additionally, we will discuss industrial policy for artificial intelligence and how to fill the gap regarding US and Chinese investments.» Recommendations on ethics and regulation are also expected.

At the same time, the Ministry of Culture launched a mission on the impact of AI on the cultural sector, with crucial issues such as copyright protection and the impacts of these technologies on creative professions. “We do not exclude other variations to explore topics in the education or health sectors.», we added Matignon.

Is it intended that this committee will be established over time? The government says nothing about it. Matignon, however, underlines the need for national reflection so that France has clear and legible positions on the multiple challenges of AI with the European Union, other foreign powers, and international institutions.

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*Dassault Systèmes is a subsidiary of the Dassault Group, owner of Le Figaro

The list of experts on the artificial intelligence committee:

Co-chairs: Philippe Aghion, an economist specializing in innovation, and Anne Bouverot, president of the board of directors of the ENS

Gilles Babinet, president of the National Digital Council

Joëlle Barral, scientific director of Google

Alexandra Bensamoun, the qualified personality of the Higher Council of Literary and Artistic Property (CSPLA)

Nozha Boujemaa, a member of the European Commission’s high-level AI expert group

Bernard Charlès, CEO of Dassault Systèmes

Luc Julia, an expert in generative artificial intelligence

Yann Le Cun, VP and Chief AI Scientist at Meta, expert in generative AI

Arthur Mensch, founder of Mistral

Cédric O, consultant, former Secretary of State for Digital

Isabelle Ryl, director of the Paris Artificial Intelligence Research Institute (PRAIRIE, INRIA)

Franca Salis-Madinier, National Secretary of the CFDT Executives in charge of Europe, digital technology, artificial intelligence, and whistleblower protection.

Martín Tisné, co-founder of OGP

Gaël Varoquaux, computer science researcher

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