Tuesday, June 6, 2023

Maria Patino, highly criticized for her controversial catch in ‘Save Me’

Maria Patino The storm is in the eye of a storm thanks to a video going viral on social networks. Yesterday, the presenter drove again’save me‘ And when he talked about the controversy of George Perez During the meeting, he announced that he was going to give his own information… As a result, by mistake, a The unexpected catch that left many speechless,

Journalist is seen doing in the video very noticeable pause Remembering something he “saw”. Several onlookers have shared, via social networks, images in which you can clearly hear David Valdeparas Telling Maria Patino What He Had to Say, You can watch the moment below:

“I haven’t made promises, but because of the way I work, I don’t want to get my colleagues in trouble… But all I can say is that tomorrow…” he explains start waiting for you to tell what to sayapparently.

“My eyes have seen… how the people of this medium… have gone… from journalism… from social chronicle… gone, gone… and even I can read” he explains, allowing pauses and pauses David Valdeparas can be heard apparently talking to him through the earpiece. Almost ironically, at the end of the sentence, Maria Patino once again insisted that “she lived it,,

Maria Patino and David Valdeparas: silence after the controversial “caught”

Although it is not clear if it could be a misunderstandingThe images are already spreading over and over on social networks and are highlighting a situation can put the program in a bad place,

for now, Images not ruled by neither David Valdeparas nor Maria Patino,

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