Tuesday, June 6, 2023

Magali’s follower reminds him of the incident with Said Palao and calls him a “hypocrite”.

In a broadcast of the week, Magali Medina caused controversy in the Peruvian art industry after bringing to light a video in which Said Palao is seen hugging a young woman around the waist, not Alejandra Bagoria.

Hours later, the identity of the woman with whom the real boy was extremely loving and smiling was revealed. It turns out to be 23-year-old model Melissa Byron Gallo, who, in addition to hugging her, whispered in her ear in the middle of a concert.

The situation, which happened while his partner was in the United States, was a topic of discussion throughout the week. Melissa also spoke about it to tell her version of the facts.

“The flirting was, let’s say yes, I want to clarify that I didn’t know he was with a partner, at the end I don’t expect a partner to come and dance with me. The moment flowed, It wasn’t that we planned it, it just happened,” he said.

Magli Medina continues to follow Said Palao and his partner Alejandra Bagoria, and shows that each is on his own, giving rise to rumors of a possible separation.

maglie gets hate after amp

And one who is in the eye of the storm is ‘La Urca’, who has received dozens of hate messages after airing evidence against Saeed, as is usually the case after her ampays.

However, a particular user commented that the host didn’t hesitate to reply. “Leave some real news, don’t criticize who you greeted, remember you greeted Said when he was at war, don’t be immoral.”

Magali did not take long to answer him: “What?”; But the follower persisted and even put his hand in the fire for Saeed. “Don’t play maglie, now you’re not criticizing Bacon, he’s loyal, what you do is the same as Aunt Gisela, her daughter and her boring schedule; sell smokes,” he said.

Clearly ‘La Urca’ did not follow the controversy and it was not necessary, as many people lashed out at her for defending the reality boy’s infidelity and at the same time messing with the host.

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