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LIVE – Youth League: Rijkhoff surprises PSG and lets Dortmund lead

Nhaga interpose

Good ball recovery from Rijkhoff who combines with Brunner. The number 9 turns his back on the scorer, but he is defeated by Nhaga who plays a good game.

The game resumes

The match resumes. Down on the scoreboard, the Parisians did not make any changes, just like Dortmund. PSG is committed.

PSG surprised Dortmund at half-time

It’s rest. Comfortable during part of the first act, the Parisians were close to opening the scoring thanks to Sangaré. But a flash of genius from Rijkhoff allowed the Germans to take the lead. The scorer could have even scored a double, without a valuable intervention from Laurendon.

Extra time:

It will be 2 more minutes in this first act.

Mbappé is not clear

Mbappé is quite discreet in this first act. The midfielder tries to reverse the play, but the pass is too long. It must be said that it is mainly the Germans who are in the lead.

Yellow for Campbell

Magnificent defense by Nagha who protects his ball well in front of Campbell. Frustrated, Campbell makes a mistake and is given a yellow card.

vigilante Lisewski

A free kick on the left for Paris. Mayulu shoots directly. Nobody cuts and Lisewski catches the ball with ease.

decisive Laurendon

In the area, Rijkhoff gets ahead of the defense but suffers a good return from Nhaga. Laurendon comes out quickly and wins his duel.

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Yellow for Bamba

Yellow card for Bamba for containing El Hannah who was trying to dive to the right.

Paris stunned?

Better in the game since the change, the Germans were not necessarily dangerous, but they knew how to be clinical. Paris will have to show another face.

Rijkhoff surprises PSG!

Rijkhoff surprises PSG! Magnificent deflection by Campbell to give Rijkhoff, who controls and creates a beautiful volley that enters Laurendon’s small net. 0-1 for Dortmund!

Blank’s deflected header

Complete axis, Lubach puts the ball into the area. Sangaré clears poorly and concedes a corner. Lubach meets Blank’s header at the far post, but the rebound goes over the top.

Bensoula sanctioned

Watjen gains meters, but Bensoula knocks him down. The Parisian also takes a yellow one.

Small mistake for Bamba

Hit in the face after contact with Mayulu, Bamba remains on the ground for a few moments and needs trainers to get up.

Campbell and Rijkhoff drafts

The combinations are confusing on Dortmund’s part. Like Campbell and Rijkhoff who don’t understand each other, and spoil a good situation at the entrance to the Paris area.

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Serene Laurendon

On the right, Rashidi tries a long cross. There is no one in the area and Laurendon catches the ball. The Parisians continue to do well in this match.

Posadas sort

There was already a change among the Germans with the departure of Posadas. Rashidi replaces him.

Gadou’s emotion

On the right, Gadou surprises the defense and infiltrates the area. His shot crosses but is blocked. The next corner takes too long and Dortmund can clear.

Dortmund wakes up a little

Campbell plays quickly forward and moves to the left for Bamba. The Dortmund player tries his luck but is blocked by a Parisian. It had been a long time since the Germans had been in the opposing camp.

Sangaré close to giving Paris the advantage

A good deep pass from Bensoula to throw to Sangaré. Deviated to the left, the attacker launches a cross from the left, but it does not reach the Dortmund goal.

Dortmund defends well

Dominant at the beginning of the match, the Germans touched the ball less but defended well and won the duels. Lisewski and Laurendon had a fairly quiet start to the match.

Ardjani has fire in his legs

It is the turn of Parisians to start the construction phase. Ardjani overflows on the left and sees his long cross sent for a corner by a defender. This one is played short, but Mayulu concedes a touch.

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Mbappé broke

Good recovery from Mbappé in the central circle. The midfielder tries to project himself but is cut off by Posadas who receives the first yellow of the game.

Dortmund starts well

The Germans started this match well and the Parisian defense already had work to do. Like Nhaga’s clearance against Bamba.

Let’s go for the first day of Youth League!

PSG is already attacking but the German defensive axis is watching.

The two teams enter the Camp des Loges field of play

The meeting will start soon.

Le onze du Borssia lined up by Mike Tullberg

Lisiewski, Mane, Korzynietz, García Posadas, Lubach, Brunner, Campbell, Wätjen, Rijkhoff, Blank, Bamba.

The composition of PSG, with E. Mbappé and Nhaga starting

Ethan Mbappé and Serif Nhaga, already regularly called up in the PSG professional group, start the match.

Hello, everyone!

Welcome to our site to follow the live comments of the match between Paris Saint-Germain and Borussia Dortmund, counting for the first day of the group stage of the Youth League. The start is scheduled for 4 pm!

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