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Longoria’s future is at stake at the moment, Marcelino thinks about resigning

No decision has been made yet for Longoria

Longoria’s future is at stake at the moment, and Marcelino thinks about resigning The future of Pablo Longoria and the entire Olympic team is at stake right now. No formal decision has yet been made, according to one of the managers contacted by RMC Sport. There is still a real reflection on the future of the Spanish president.


Luis Fernández: “The fans are dissatisfied with the lack of consideration

Luis Fernández in Rothen is fired up about RMC: “If today we have reached this point with the fans it is because there are no more exchanges. The fans must be respected. I make a general state of things. The fans are dissatisfied with “The lack of consideration. From the moment they see you interact with them, they tell themselves that you respect them. In Marseille, the damage has been done for 20 years. “Who asked for Didier Deschamps to be expelled?”

Dugarry criticizes the influence of fans on football: “Longoria, what did you expect?”

Christophe Dugarry in Rothen lights up at RMC: “Imagine the image it sends to our three so-called strong clubs… You have the impression that it can be broken with every statement, with every bad attitude of a player or a coach. The structure of our clubs makes me laugh softly.”

“It is not surprising what is happening in the OM. We have known for years that the followers have too much power in France. The leaders are still surprised by that. But Longoria, from the moment you held a meeting like that, what did you expect? You know that there will be attacks of pressure. I strongly condemn them, I find it shameful. But it is obvious that there will be attacks of pressure, pressure. This is the role that the fans have given themselves. We do not sanction them, let them do what they want. and whenever they want.”

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Rothen reacts to the OM crisis: “I’m hallucinating, I find it unacceptable”

Jérôme Rothen in Rothen lights up at RMC: “I’m hallucinating. I find it incredible. (…) The fans, through their crisis, tell us that they have seen five purges in five games. For me, you play against “Your club. Making strong accusations against Longoria, Marcelino or the players after five games seems strong to me. It seems unacceptable to me, what is happening is serious. A fan should stay in his place in this type of situation.”

The crisis in OM is on Rothen’s menu

Jérôme Rothen, Christophe Dugarr, and Steve Savidan will obviously focus on the big news that has been shaking OM for several hours.

“If you run away at the first gust of wind, even if it is very strong and unexpected, you will not be able to be an OM coach!”

Di Meco takes advantage of Marcelino at the Super Moscato Show: “If you run away with the first gust of wind, even if it is very strong and unexpected, you cannot be an OM coach! The same with Tudor l “Last year, he took a step I went up to the plate and said: ‘I’ll stay here until the end,’ I’m telling you.”

There is already a petition to support Longoria

OM fans mobilize to support the current president of Marseille, who could leave his position.

>> A petition has already launched to keep Longoria as president, our full article here

Eric Di Meco’s first reaction to the crisis at OM

On the Super Moscato Show this Tuesday, Eric Di Meco spoke about the crisis affecting OM two days before the trip to Ajax in Amsterdam.

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“I was dumbfounded. We had discussions about the athlete, about what happened this weekend. At the end of these seven games and in view of the upcoming schedule, there were reasons to worry sportingly. Be careful, things can get out of control quickly. The meeting scheduled last night between the directors and the fans had been planned for a long time. It is held every year before the start of the European Cup. It cannot be just the results. Although the elimination from the Champions League was difficult to digest, “It’s deeper. It will seem deeper.”

More information here.


Brandao’s service offering

Former OM player, from 2009 to 2012, with two loans to Cruzeiro and Grêmio, Brandao has already presented himself to replace Marcelino, who wishes to resign from OM. The former striker is currently free after having been a technical assistant at the Brazilian club Londrina-PR, in the Brazilian second division.


Longoria’s future is also uncertain

Last night’s sulfurous encounter is leaving its mark and creating an earthquake within OM. There is at this time the possibility that Pablo Longoria decides to leave his position as president. The leaders had a very bad experience in yesterday’s face-to-face meeting, sometimes with threatening comments towards the Olympic leadership.

Marcelino, shocked by the pressure received by Longoria, specifically told some players this morning that he was willing to resign. According to our information, he especially links his fate to that of Longoria. If the OM coach decides to leave, Marcelino believes that he will no longer have anything to do at the club. This was the meaning of his message this morning to some managers in the locker room.

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Meetings are currently being held at the top of the club, where Frank McCourt’s position is also awaited, but no one wants to be definitive yet about the decisions made by the main stakeholders.

RMC sport

More information here.


The calendar is also the main problem raised by Eric Di Meco

He talked about it on Monday at the Super Moscato Show.


In the event of a formalized departure, Marcelino would become Marseille’s most short-lived coach in the 21st century.

Although Marcelino has decided to resign, the Spanish coach, now in talks with his leaders, would become the OM coach who has spent the least amount of time on the bench. He only played seven official matches and remained undefeated in the League.

>> Marcelino’s assessment of the start of the season


As a reminder, Papin’s coaching career is this

The former glory of OM and the French team is expected to lead OM in a Europa League match against Ajax on Thursday.


Why did Marcelino resign?

Marked and dismayed by the comments made against the leaders on Monday, during a stormy meeting that brought together all the fan groups, Marcelino decided to resign and informed the players. He did not accept that the meeting on Monday night had acquired such proportions and had reached a level of threats and pressure on the leaders.

>> We tell you everything in this article

Good morning to all of you

Olympique de Marseille no longer has a coach, Marcelino presented his resignation to its leaders before informing the players. Disputed while his team remains undefeated in the championship, the Spanish coach resigned from continuing his mission on the Marseille bench, just a few weeks after his arrival.

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