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Literary back to school | Ten Quebec titles to add to your stack

Have you already gone through all the books you brought from the bookstore on August 12? We don’t believe you. Either way, there’s never a bad reason to add one (or two, or four) to the pile threatening to fall onto your nightstand. Panorama of the beginning of the school year in novels, stories and short stories from here.

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The uncanny valleyJD Kurtness

The Uncanny Valley

The uncanny valley

the same moment

120 pages

Aquariums, his previous book published in 2019, was described as anticipatory fiction, because it depicted humanity grappling with an epidemic of unprecedented virulence. This shows, therefore, to what extent we should distrust the literary prophecies of JD Kurtness, who, in this third novel, imagines in the proverbially near future a Quebec company that markets small robots that look like children. Following a popular protest movement that banned these toys, one of these artificial children, named Sim, had to take refuge in the countryside, with a farmer. “A modern Pinocchio,” they say.

September 19th

a stormy nightYves Beauchemin

A Stormy Night

a stormy night

Quebec America

304 pages

At 82 years old, and with a dark sense of humor clearly intact, Yves Beauchemin warns thata stormy night It will probably constitute the final point of his generous work begun 50 years ago, because “writing senile is pathetic. Writing dead is extremely difficult.” It is difficult to contradict him. The author of Are and Juliette Pomerleaumaster of the popular novel in its noblest expression, recounts in this potential last work the encounter between a man who suffered a severe fall on an icy sidewalk and a stunned emergency doctor, who believes he has recognized his brother in this patient for a long time. time. missing.

September 26

Havre-Saint-PierreAbla Farhoud



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164 pages

Quebec literature lost one of its most endearing women in December 2021. Both in the city and between the pages of her books, Abla Farhoud will have embodied empathy, humor and curiosity towards her neighbors. Her latest work returns to the choral novel form, which she masterfully embraced in 2005 in omar the crazy and in 2017 in Under the bright sun hide your daughters. Havre-Saint-Pierre He thus encounters the voices of two elderly brothers, who undertake a pilgrimage in the footsteps of their sister, who died five decades earlier. The writer’s daughter and eternal first reader, Alecka, supervised the editing work.

September 27th

A lake in the morningLuis Hamelin

A Lake In The Morning

A lake in the morning


248 pages

After the naturalization of John James Aubudon, whom he gave birth to Yellowstone Twilight (2021), Louis Hamelin returns to 19my century, the time of a novel dedicated to Henry David Thoreau. Allergic to idealized versions of history with a capital H, the author of Anger It highlights the contradictions of one of the American thinkers who still has the greatest influence on the contemporary life of ideas. His story Walden or life in the forestchronicling the two years, two months and two days he lived in a cabin in the woods, it evidently remains a bible for the environmental movement, as well as for advocates of voluntary simplicity.

October 3

Of hells and childrenLarry Tremblay

Of Hells And Children

Of hells and children


160 pages

It goes without saying that children should be able to grow up free of all violence, but the world being what it is, children are torn from the cloak of their innocence every day by tragedy, war and injustice. Partly around this idea, Larry Tremblay built his unforgettable 2016 novel. the orange grove. A breeding ground for which he draws again between the pages of this collection of five stories (or, to use the elegant term used by his publisher, five “paintings”), guided by a dizzying question: “Why does it happen? Do childhood and hell share the same season? »

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4th of October

The destination is others.Claudine Bourbonnais

The Destination Is Others.

The destination is others.

Quebec America

152 pages

Almost ten years later Metis Beach, first novel acclaimed by critics and the public, Claudine Bourbonnais sheds the screen of fiction and embraces herself in this story built from three personal memories. Between London, where she studied political science, Egypt, where she spent a summer learning Arabic, and Montreal, where she discovered the true identity of a former classmate detained during her transition to university, the head of the antenna. weekend news explores the fertile intersection between truth and memory. Intriguing.

October the 17th

QuimmickMichael Jean



free expression

224 pages

Inside Tiohtiá:ke (2022), Michel Jean walked along the anguish-filled sidewalks of Montreal. He now he’s flying to Nunavik with Quimmick. The Innu writer recounts both the love between Saullu and Ulaajuk, who travel kilometers of ice and snow in the company of their dogs, and, a few decades later, the thirst for justice of a non-indigenous lawyer called to defend an Inuk accused of murdering former police officers But as with several of his novels, including LawIt is implicitly the story of a vast territory – a place of freedom and dispossession – that the journalist tells here.

October 18

File a complaintLéa Clermont-Dion

File A Complaint

File a complaint

The August Horse

256 pages

Four long years, that’s all the time – distressing, annoying, endless – that the judicial process that Léa Clermont-Dion began in October 2017 will last, when she filed a complaint against her former boss for sexual assault. File a complaintIt is also the title of the book that the documentary filmmaker (I salute you bitch, Janette and daughters) was based on this experience that began when the #metoo movement released words until then swallowed by shame throughout the West. An autobiographical investigation, halfway between an essay and a story, which is promised “radical honesty” and a “fierce desire to do useful work.”

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October 24th

Bitumen and windVicente Vallieres

Bitumen And Wind

Bitumen and wind

Inkwell memory

216 pages

We knew he had a talent for making characters appear using a handful of finely chosen words and a few guitar chords. But it is another type of narrator that Vincent Vallières revealed during his last solo tour, by publishing brief accounts of his tour on social networks, all crossed by the conviction that, as expected by the title of his latest album. All beauty is not lost. These snapshots written at the height of a man and a woman, so many antidotes to environmental disorder, are finally brought together under the same cover that, it is specified, will also contain many unpublished pieces.

October 23

Chicken breastNatasha Fontaine Sofa

Chicken Breast

Chicken breast


232 pages

Indigenous literatures have been shining for several years, not only for their enthusiasm, but also for the diversity of the texts they bring to the world. After a detour through the world of music with his incandescent mini-album Nui Pimuten, the essential Natasha Kanapé Fontaine writes again in this first collection of short stories subtitled “The Huntress.” The Innu novelist and poet announces a book that pulsates to the rhythm of a “merciless territory,” a work made of “surrealism, magical realism, dreamlike, fantastic or real creatures from oral tradition and spirits of ‘ancestral animism’.

1is November

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