Sunday, October 1, 2023

Let’s put the Quebec model on Kijiji!

Do you know what a gleaner is?

This is a person who collects things that people have thrown in the trash.

Furniture, food, clothes…

The gleaners walk through the alleys, look at what people have thrown away and pick up what they think is “recoverable.”

“Here, a wooden chair! Well, the paint is chipped, but a good coat and you’re done! It will be like new…”


Quebec and Canada like that, gleaning.

In 2016, the Harper government acquired a nice payroll software (the famous Phoenix system) that Australians had thrown away.

The land of Crocodile Dundee got rid of this payroll system because it kept failing. Australia’s Auditor General has also released two reports stating that this hyper-flawed system should never have been implemented.

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The Phoenix system (developed by IBM) was supposed to cost $6 million, but ended up costing $1.2 billion.

What has Canada done?

We got it back!

Result: the system failed and costs skyrocketed.

The same goes for the education reform that Quebec imported from Switzerland in the early 2000s.

“It will completely transform the way we teach!” they told us. No need to put grades on report cards anymore! »

However, the canton of Geneva that had adopted this reform got rid of it and returned to the old classification system.

But we brought it back, saying that with a coat of paint, it would work…


I have an idea: what if instead of buying other people’s old things, we sold our old things to others?

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After all, I guess we’re not the only ones going through the trash…

Surely there are other governments that are as naive as us!

I already wrote the Kijiji ad.

“Beautiful Quebec model for sale. It worked wonderfully in the 1960s. Thanks to this model, Quebec was able to create a strong State and access modernity. Price to discuss. »

Well, we are not saying that this model (which was created in the 1960s to respond to the problems of the 1960s) is cracking all over the place and having difficulty staying upright.

We do not show our dilapidated hospitals, our schools eaten away by fungus and we do not say that Quebecers are the most taxed and taxed taxpayers in the world, no!

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We are going to post some beautiful Technicolor photos from the Expo years. With smiling officials looking optimistically at the horizon.

I’m sure we’re going to be a disaster!


Speaking of money…

On Saturday I denounced the hypocrisy of politicians who deplore the real estate crisis, but who have never done anything to solve the problem.

I was referring, among others, to the mayor of Montreal, who prefers to build bike lanes rather than build social housing.

Do you know how much money the city of Montreal spent on bike lanes this year?

Three hundred million dollars.

And how much money has been spent on social housing?

One hundred and twenty million.


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