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Lensa: The app that turns your photos into a great work of art


Lensa is an application that uses artificial intelligence to turn your photos into true works of art.

What is a lens and how can it improve my photos?
Getty ImagesWhat is a lens and how can it improve my photos?

Las photography apps They are very popular, as both Android and iOS (iPhone) application stores record millions of downloads daily. One of them has gained immense popularity by turning your photos into great works of art and it is almost Lens,

What can Lensa do?

Lensa goes deep with Artificial Intelligence (AI)), also includes a machine learning technique called “steady spread”, which allows editing levels in every detail of your photography.

App allows mass editing face, background or any objects and details in the image.

Although it has great photo editing tools, These will only be available in the paid versionHowever, what makes it different from others is that it has many free features that are not found in the competition and you will not need great professional tools to make your pictures a true work of art.

For which operating systems is it available?

Lens can be downloaded from app store d appleor from play store de google an Android.

Is the app secure?

It is also important to clarify that the application has a large presence in the best application stores available today. the lens is part of the prismOne of the most important digital services corporations in existence today.

magical avatar

One of the features that make Lensa one of the most downloaded photography apps is magical avatarA specific function that is different from normal editing options. Choices creates a completely new picture of you due to AI, However, this feature is paid, so a user will have to pay a subscription of around $4,367 Chilean pesos to enjoy it.

see some examples

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