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Latest Trends in Hotel Technology for 2023

Tourism is expected to recover gradually in 2023, following the pandemic and the crisis affecting the tourism and hotel sector.

The most important changes that are already being witnessed in the hotel sector are:

  • rising demand: With the improvement in health conditions, the confidence of travelers has come back and the demand for travel and tourism is increasing. Many people have postponed their travel plans during the pandemic and are eager to explore new destinations.
  • Preference for nearby and safe sitesInterest in local and regional destinations is on the rise as travelers look for safer and more familiar options.
  • Pay attention to health and safety: Health and safety remains a priority for passengers. Hotels and tourism businesses must continue to implement rigorous cleaning and disinfection protocols.
  • Greater flexibility in booking: Hotels and travel agencies offer more flexible cancellation policies that adapt to changing customer needs to encourage confidence and early booking.
  • Sustainable and Responsible Tourism: Emphasis is placed on environmental awareness and sustainability. Travelers show a greater interest in accommodation and activities that respect the environment and local community.
  • Technology and Digitization: The pandemic accelerated the adoption of technologies in the tourism sector and this will continue in 2023. Next, we’ll delve into more depth, what the trends in hotel technology are for 2023.
  • outdoor and nature experiences: Demand for nature travel and outdoor activities is on the rise. Open spaces, national parks, beaches and outdoor activity sites are preferred by travelers wishing to avoid crowds and enjoy a safe environment.
  • ‘Pet-friendly’ phenomenon in hotels: This is a trend which is increasing in the recent years and is expected to continue in the year 2023. More and more people treat their pets as members of the family and want to include them in their travel experiences.

Many hotels, both luxury and more affordable, are adapting their policies to allow pets to stay in rooms and other dependencies of hotels. Some hotels also offer special services for pets, such as dog beds, food and water bowls, walking services, activities, and pet grooming.

We present some of them below Latest trends in technology for hotels Which can be implemented as early as 2023:

Contactless check-in and check-out

Facial recognition technology, biometrics and mobile applications will allow guests to check in and check out at hotels without going through the front desk. This will streamline the process and improve the customer experience.

voice assistant in room

Hotels will be equipped with artificial intelligence-based voice assistants, such as Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant, that will allow guests to control lights, temperature, electronic appliances, and request additional services using only voice commands.

smart rooms

The rooms will be equipped with smart technology that will adapt to the individual preferences of the guests. These include automated lighting and climate control systems, interactive mirrors, smart TVs with personalized content, and motorized shades.

Use of Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR)

Hotels will be able to use VR and AR to provide an immersive experience to guests. For example, they may offer virtual tours of hotel facilities via mobile devices or provide real-time information on tourist attractions.

sustainable energy technology

Hotels will focus more on implementing renewable energy technologies such as solar panels and smart energy management systems to reduce their environmental footprint and improve energy efficiency.

Robot Integration and Automation

Robots can be used to perform tasks such as food and beverage delivery, room cleaning and room service. In addition, automation of processes such as reservation management and communication with guests will become more common.

data driven personalization

Hotels will use data analytics and artificial intelligence technologies to collect information about guest preferences and offer personalized services. This may include restaurant recommendations, local activities and special offers tailored to each customer.

Enhanced Security and Privacy

Advanced security technology, such as facial recognition, intrusion detection and access control systems, ensure the safety of guests and their belongings. In addition, more attention will be paid to protecting the privacy of guest data.

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