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La Fe will launch 11 high-tech devices for the arrival of European money

President of the Government, pedro sanchez and Minister of Health, Caroline Dariashave visited hospital la fey this morning with President of generalitat, zimo puig and Minister of Health, miguel mingvezTo know 11 hi-tech equipment will be installed, including linear accelerator, resonances why tacThanks to 81 million euro investment High Technology Equipment Investment Scheme (plan an invite,

The program considers acquisitions in total 79 high-tech equipment To expand (36 teams) and renew (43 of them) these resources in the Valencian Community thanks to European funds Next Generation, alone in the hospital La Fe, the investment will be 14 million euros specified in 11 teams: Three linear accelerators, one brachytherapy unit, five magnetic resonance, one spectral CT and one planar CT. Of these, the Spectral TAC and a Linear Accelerator have already been installed.

In all of them Sánchez, Darias, Puig and Minguez have known the characteristics ofl Linear accelerator completing the installation Two million euros worth. it’s a team allows to be treated by means of radiation, Smaller wounds—tumor and non-tumor—with similar biological effects to surgery. This new state-of-the-art accelerator performs treatment in a very short time, approximately 1 or 2 minutes, with high dosage and maximum precision, which guarantees the best safety and comfort for patients.

This team is what ooffers some of the most advanced features on the market, And being completely digital, it will allow both software and technical improvements to be incorporated, so that the device will be permanently updated over the next seven years. Zimo Puig highlights that the “fundamental and inalienable” objective is Guarantee “quality public health, universal and free, so as to guarantee a service of the best benefit to all citizens”.

Proton Therapy Team for the Valencian Community

After this visit, the team also Plot where one of 10 proton therapy devices will be implanted Funded by the National Health System (SNS) Amancio Ortega Foundation Goa.

C. Valenciana is one of the seven autonomies where these proton radiotherapy equipment will be installed, A method of radiation therapy that allows for a more localized delivery of radiation. the team is already Awarded for a value of 26.3 million Euros which is the responsibility of the Foundation, and has also published a tender for the work, which has been accepted by the Generalitat Valenciana for the amount of 25.2 million.

Hospital La Fe May More than 300 patients are treated in a year with this device, Candidates for treatment with proton therapy are mainly pediatric patients, as this technique makes it possible to significantly reduce adverse effects. Treatment is specifically indicated for tumors of the brain, head and neck, spinal cord, lungs, eyes, sarcomas, and other locations sensitive to radiation or areas close to vital organs.

Sanchez, Darias, Puig and Minguez during a visit to the new linear accelerator in La Fe this morning. Levante-EMV

Where will the new teams go?

The Invet plan as a whole, with the acquisition of 79 new equipment for the Valencian Community, will allow Renovation of 43 instruments (mainly CTs and linear accelerators) and augmentation of 36 more instruments (particularly magnetic resonance). By type, of the 79, there are 13 Linear Particle Accelerators, 4 Vascular Angiography, 2 Neuroradiology Angiography, 2 Digital Brachytherapy Equipment, 2 Hemodynamics, 29 Magnetic Resonance Imaging, 6 SPECT-CT, 18 CT (Computerized Axial Tomography) and 3 others. Machines for planning computerized axial tomography.

The 13 linear particle accelerators will be located at Alicante’s Sant Joan University Hospital, La Ribera University Hospital, Castellón Provincial Hospital Consortium, La Fe University and Polytechnic Hospital, Valencia General University Hospital Consortium, Elche General University Hospital and Hospital Francesc de Borja de. Gandia. For their part, vascular angiography and neuroradiology angiography teams will be established at Doctor Peset University Hospital, Doctor Balmis Hospital, La Ribera University Hospital, Valencia University Hospital and the Consorcio General University Hospital of Valencia.

The brachytherapy equipment is scheduled for the Hospital Universitari i Politecnico La Fe and the Hospital General Universitario de Valencia consortium, where one of the two catheterization teams will also arrive; The second doctor is for Balmis Hospital.

Magnetic Resonance will serve in the University Hospital of La Ribera, The General Hospital of Castellón, University Hospital of La Plana, The Clinical University Hospital of Valencia, Malvarrosa Hospital, Sagunto Hospital, Arnau de Vilanova Hospital, Liria Hospital, University Hospital I. Polytechnique La Fe, Hospital Francesc de Borja de Gandia, Hospital de Xàtiva, Hospital d’Ontinent, Hospital Doctor Balmis, Hospital d’Alex, Hospital General Universitat d’Alda, Hospital de Torrevieja and Hospital de Orihuela. Apart from this, there will also be a mobile unit.

SPECT-CT will be performed at the Hospital Clínico Universitario de Valencia, Hospital Universitario Doctor Peset, Hospital Universitario Sant Joan d’Alcantara, Hospital Universitario de la Ribera and Consorcio Hospital Provincial de Castellón.

Finally, TACs (three of them are planned) at Hospital Clínico Universitario de Valencia, Hospital Malvarosa, Hospital Arnau de Vilanova, Hospital Universitá Doctor Peset, Hospital General de Castellón, Hospital General Universitario de Alda, Hospital Doctor Balmis, Hospital are being installed. de Orihuela, Hospital Marina Baixa, Hospital Universitario de la Ribera, Hospital de Requena, Hospital Mare de Deu dels Lliris d’Alcoi, Hospital d’Elax, Consortium Provincial Hospital de Castellón, University Hospital and Polytechnic La Fe, Hospital de Torrevieja and Hospital Francesc de Borja de Gandia.

All were awarded and 18 of them were installed

To date, all teams are already awarded And 18 of them are installed. In order to place the remaining equipment at their destinations, it is necessary to carry out optimization and/or expansion of the sites. The largest are those affecting the General Hospital of Valencia, the Hospital Universitario de la Ribera, the Hospital Francesc de Borja and the Hospital General Università d’Elax, where bunkers are being built to house linear accelerators.

Works are progressing on schedule, and the expected completion date of the four bunkers is August 30, 2023 as the installation and commissioning of the linear accelerator is highly technically complex: protecting people and shielding them from high-energy ionizing radiation emitted by the devices .

For this reason, the design and construction execution of the project has been jointly tendered for an amount close to 10 million Euros.

Each of the four new venues, with an estimated surface area of ​​between 100 and 300 m2, will have to pass various tests designed to certify the effectiveness of the security measures. The radiation protection services of the health departments will also monitor the final result.

Definitive authorization for installation and commissioning of the linear accelerator will be given by the Nuclear Security Council, which grants definitive authorization for its commissioning.

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