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Kad Merad (59 years old) takes advantage of her real relationship with Olivier Baroux: “It’s a…

Kad Merad (59 years old) takes advantage of her real relationship with Olivier Baroux: “It’s a… Like Eric and Ramzy or Omar and Fred, Kad and Olivier are one of those duos that have had a lasting impact on the French. But if their complicity on screen is undeniable, what is it like in real life? Recently, Kad Merad spoke candidly about the subject at the microphone of Europe 1. Just look at it a little more clearly.

Each in their own way and each with their own style, Kad Merad and Olivier Baroux have built quite a resume over the years. However, it was together that they started in the 1990s, with sketches that quickly propelled them to the forefront. At that time, moreover, it was Kad who pushed for the next step, as she recently confided to Europe 1:

We ended up doing the sketches live because I told him, “I want people to see me, I’m tired of people listening to me, I want people to see me play!” »

During this climb, Thomas Isle noted that there may have been “little ego issues” between the two men. Comments confirmed by Julia Vignali’s partner.

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Kad Merad opens up about her early relationship with Olivier Baroux

According to Kad, in fact, it was “difficult” for the duo to get started at first. Finally, and fortunately for them, each one focused on their specificity, which allowed mayonnaise to take:

Well, it’s difficult. First of all, Olivier is a… I’m going to try not to surprise you too much this morning, but it’s true that he came as an author. Plus, he’s still the genius of the duo, if I may say so. He is the creator, I am the creature, if we had to sum it up.

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Omar Sy opens up about his relationship with Fred Testot: “Today, honestly, he…”

I was already doing theater, I had been GO at Club Med, so I was quite comfortable and Olivier not so much. But anyway, when we met, Olivier told me: “I’ll be a director.” And I told him: “I will be an actor.” So there wasn’t much ego.

Once all this was well calibrated and egos were kept under wraps, the duo had countless hits. Olivier Baroux, in particular, is at the helm of the “Tuche” saga. However, he does not want her to be associated with his eternal companion, as he revealed on the set of “Télématin”:

I have other plans for him. At a given moment he has his projects, I have my projects and I know it would be complicated because “Les Tuche” is very complicated to do. There are many actors, many actresses, so Kad in the middle of all that… He was in the 1 in fact, he made a brief appearance, but I told him: “Leave me alone with the Tuches.” We’re going to do things together, but obviously he would love it, I know him. But no, that is not possible.

Between Kad Merad and Olivier Baroux, it was therefore at the beginning, during the climb, that some dissensions appeared. Fortunately, the two men knew how to let their talent and complicity triumph. Good for them… and for the public, who enjoyed many years of laughter. And this is not over!

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