Wednesday, March 29, 2023

Just Days Separated From Unfortunate Death, Man Spotted Riding On New York Train Top

Teens in New York are trying out a bizarre new trend – subway surfing. This craze isn’t even inspired by the viral smartphone game Subway Surfers; Rather, teens are leaving it because they feel pressured to fit in. As the number of people indulging in this activity has increased, it has also become a major concern for the local authorities. Teenagers are the target audience of this dangerous trend, so the consequences are dire.

New York City photographer David ‘D’ Delgado tweeted a series of photos in which a man can be seen attempting subway surfing while standing on the roof of a train. Despite the increasing number of deaths linked to the practice, many young people continue to engage in it.

complete metro surfing status


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A related photo that has gone viral depicts an incredible sight: a man standing on top of a train passing through the Bronx. This photo was taken shortly before he lost his life while subway surfing in Brooklyn. In the photo, the Subway Surfer was wearing a short-sleeved black shirt, navy blue pants, a navy blue bag, and red-and-black shoes as he rode on top of a very crowded No. 5 train. Subway surfing has resulted in a number of deaths, and officials have noted legislation to crack down on the practice. Despite these facts people continue to try it.

The photos were shared by David ‘D’ Delgado, who added the caption, ,NY, NY – MARCH 16: A person is subway surfing on a 5 train on March 16, 2023 in the Bronx borough of NYC. The number of people riding outside of Metro is set to increase from 199 in 2020 to 928 in 2022, an increase of 366%, MTA data shows. Photo by David de Delgado / @GettyImagesNews.

Not only has the photographer captured a stunning picture, but he has also expressed his concern by citing statistics about subway surfers and even some who ride outside the train. Earlier this year two youths, Kayvon Wooden and Zachary Nazario, tragically lost their lives while participating in this pastime. Thus the fears are well founded.

The story of a living victim of this absurd trend


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Isa Islam, a former subway surfer and survivor of a potentially fatal accident involving subway surfing, reaches out to others who participate in this dangerous pastime. Islam, now 28, recalls a harrowing incident that happened in 2013. Even now, he cannot shake the memory of the incident which left him with emotional, mental and physical wounds.

Islam and two of his cousins ​​tried this activity out of pure curiosity in 2013. Little did he know that his insatiable curiosity would eventually lead to his downfall. As he turned to board the train, he hit Beam on the head. He somehow survived the horrific collision, but lost his sight as a result.


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What do you think about this trend and those who practice it? Let us know in the comment section.

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