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Julia Vignali: her chaotic night!

Taking the reins of Affaire concluded, a television program acclaimed by the French and that allowed them to sell their objects, a priori the most precious, had everything to make the presenter Julia Vignali happy. Only here, what is left over today are above all her own concerns, so the apprehension is great to succeed Sophie Davant, who presented this program for six years. Worse still, when we know that the first name addressed is none other than Stéphane Bern, we better understand why Kad Merad’s wife is in a panic, since the bar is high.

Thus, he confesses in Télé Star to having been the victim of “insomnia” throughout the night of August 20, the eve of the filming of his great premiere, even detailing that he had “repeated the show” until dawn. However, Julia Vignali is a seasoned professional. From Télématin, on France 2, passing through Le Meilleur Pâtissier, on the M6, without forgetting her performances in series like La Vie avant nous or Second chance, she has never failed, she has never failed. But backing the great Sophie Davant is an entirely different form of challenge, a challenge the likes of which you don’t face twice in your career.

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the big scare

In short, the night is terrible. To make matters worse, the thermometer panics, the weather is heavy. When she started, when she was Miss Time on Canal +, she was content to predict the weather; there she suffers them. The sweat-soaked sheets, the damp skin, the sleep she can’t find, the brain she never stops bubbling. In other words, stage fright, fear, traczir, great fear; the mark of the greats. Like Johnny Hallyday, who vomited regularly before going on stage, or Mick Jagger, who still has his stomach knotted in front of the spotlight, after a sixty-year career. Or even Sarah Bernhardt who was asked by a young actress: “It’s strange, you have stage fright and I don’t…” To which the queen of the stage replied: “You’ll get talent!”

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Of course, Julia Vignali can still turn to Kad, her husband, the actor who can play everything from Welcome to the Ch’tis to the Black Baron, the man who knows how to make people laugh or cry: her tutelary figure. But why wake him up in the middle of the night? And tell him what exactly? That he’s afraid he won’t be up to work the next day? He is her daily luck. So yes, she makes her own movie in advance. She tries to anticipate everything, memory lapses and the unexpected. It must also be said that with the face that she will have when she wakes up, makeup artists will not be out of work.

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Let’s bet that this sleepless night will not herald a black day: this first broadcast, broadcast on August 28, is sure to be an undisputed success. As what always ends up paying professionalism and respect for the public.

Eglantine LEFEBVRE

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