Tuesday, June 6, 2023

Joe Biden criticized for repeating anti-Irish sentiment and getting his wife’s genealogy wrong

From tripping up the stairs to slurring up, US President Joe Biden is known for his gaffes. On Saturday, the US President not only managed to discredit his Irish heritage but also jokingly pulled up his wife’s Italian background, which fell flat. The US President addressed a gathering of military veterans and federal officials in Delaware on Saturday.

In a poor attempt at a joke, President Joe Biden said, ‘I may be Irish but I’m not stupid.’ Biden, who is of Irish descent, said these words as he greeted Ray Firmani, a 102-year-old World War II veteran. It is not the first time that the errant US President has used an anti-Irish slur. Earlier this year, he said the same words during his St. Patrick’s Day speech.

Biden misstated the first lady’s father’s name

The US President further said that his wife was Dominic Giacoppa’s daughter for 45 years. The man named by Biden was actually the US First Lady’s grandfather. The First Lady’s father was named Donald C. Jacobs, not Dominic Giacoppa.

Biden’s latest gaffe drew mixed reactions from netizens. “What a disgrace to all of us Irish,” one user wrote on Twitter, while another said, “This is racism sir.” “This is true racism. It comes from within without thinking. Not to offend or make fun of anyone, but just the reality of how they think about an ethnicity,” argued another netizen. .

“Joe Biden gets the dumbest things wrong,” wrote Steve Guest, special adviser on communications to Texas Senator Ted Cruz.

The 80-year-old US President is the oldest person to ever sit in the Oval Office. Biden’s age has become a concern for many, with people still wondering whether he’ll run for office again

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