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Joe Biden attacks Donald Trump by name, calling him a threat to democracy

Joe Biden attacks Donald Trump by name, calling him a threat to democracy” Happens something dangerous in the United States right now” : Joe Biden issued once again, on Thursday, September 28, a dark and solemn warning about the fate of democracy in the United States. But this time, the Democratic president attacked Donald Trump very directly, believing that the ideology of his Republican opponent and his followers “threatened the very essence of our nation”.

“Democracies do not necessarily die by force of arms. They can die when people remain silent, when they do not mobilize or when they do not condemn attacks on democracy. When people are willing to give up what is most precious because they are fighting frustration, disappointment, fatigue and a feeling of exclusion.”and that’s Joe Biden.

For this speech, the fourth, according to the White House, that he has dedicated to this topic of democracy, the 80-year-old president traveled to Arizona, to the land of former Republican Senator John McCain in whose honor a library should be built. .

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Joe Biden, running for a second term, was linked to the late war hero by a friendship that transcended partisan divisions and, he said, emblematic of the values ​​threatened by Donald Trump.

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“Deafening silence”

Great favorite of the Republican primaries, the former Republican president is accused by the courts of having participated in the assault on the Capitol, in Washington, on January 6, 2021, and of having tried to reverse the results of the 2020 presidential elections. Joe Biden, which is rare, named his opponent in his speech and several times took up, to denounce him, excerpts from his opponent’s speeches.

“Trump says the Constitution gave him, quote, the right to do whatever he wants as president.”launched the democrat, denouncing a “dangerous concept”also attacking the spread of “Conspiracy theories” by his adversary and his desire to ” split “ the country. He ruled out that his predecessor “He was not guided by the Constitution, nor by a sense of duty nor by respect for his compatriots, but by revenge and spite”. Joe Biden also cited this phrase spoken by Donald Trump in March before a Republican Party conference: “I Revenge you. »

“There is no doubt that the Republican Party is being boosted today (…) by the Trumpists »stated Joe Biden, in this speech that coincides with the first day of an impeachment investigation directed against him by parliamentarians from the “Grand Old Party” (GOP).

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The president was particularly outraged by the “deafening silence” Republicans after comments “hateful” of Donald Trump against the Chief of Staff of the Armed Forces, General Mark Milley. The billionaire had suggested that the latter had been guilty of treason and had indicated that such an act could have been punished by death.

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“The more people vote, the more the entire nation gets involved, the stronger democracy will be”said Joe Biden, who is so far struggling to generate enthusiasm in the polls, mainly because of his age.

The campaign takes on a new dimension

In Tempe, near Phoenix, the American president was questioned by a man who criticized him for not having declared a “state of climate emergency”. Joe Biden promised to meet with him after his speech if he agreed to remain silent, and went on to say: “Democracy is never easy, we have just demonstrated it. »

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Joe Biden had defended ” blade “ America is an important axis of his duel against Donald Trump in 2020, so he intends to campaign on the same issue before next year’s presidential election.

The electoral battle between the two took on a new dimension this week, when they visited, one after another, the Detroit region (Michigan), cradle of the American automobile industry. While the large United Auto Workers (UAW) union launched an unprecedented strike against three manufacturers, Joe Biden participated in a picket line outside a General Motors plant, something unprecedented for an American president.

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Donald Trump went to a small, non-union factory. Each seeks to attract the popular electorate, and in particular the white working class, whose vote could be decisive in 2024.

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