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Jean-Luc Azoulay reveals that Elsa Esnoult is in a relationship

Invited to the set of Chez Jordan this Tuesday, September 19, Jean-Luc Azoulay revealed that Elsa Esnoult, protagonist of the series The Mysteries of Love, was in a relationship.

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This Tuesday, September 19, Jean-Luc Azoulay was the guest of Chez Jordan at C8. Questioned by Jordan de Luxe, the founder of AB Productions broke the news about Mallaury Nataf, unforgettable protagonist of the series Honey and the Bees, who has become homeless. After making her return in The Mysteries of Love in 2019, the actress found a stable situation and accommodation, revealed the producer, who hopes to see her again starring in one of her series. During this interview, Jean-Luc Azoulay also mentioned another of his protégés, Elsa Esnoult. Now 34 years old, the actress and singer leaves the mystery surrounding her romantic situation behind. However, her mentor just revealed that she was in a relationship.

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Jean-Luc Azoulay explains why Elsa Esnoult doesn’t want to talk about her love life

As Jean-Luc Azoulay explains, Elsa Esnoult has no intention of formalizing her relationship with a man until she is sure she has found the right one. “She told me, ‘When I have the right partner, I’ll say it because I’ll know I want to make a life with him. But if I’m with someone today and I’m not sure I’ll be with them in a year, I don’t want to say it,'” the producer declared, before Jordan de Luxe asked if the actress was afraid of being seen as “an easy girl.” “On the one hand, and then it’s her life. If it doesn’t work, it doesn’t work and the day it works she will be happy to show off her boyfriend to everyone,” she said.

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Jean-Luc Azoulay announces that Elsa Esoult has “a love”

To put an end to the rumors, Jean-Luc Azoulay assured that he had never asked Elsa Esnoult to keep her love life a secret. “On the contrary. My press bosses tell me: ‘it would be good if I had stories because we would make the newspapers work’. But no, she doesn’t want to and she is right,” he declared, before confirming that the interpreter of Fanny in The Mysteries of love a man does have in his life. “Elsa has a love, I assure you, it is no secret. She has many suitors because she is a pretty girl,” revealed Jean-Luc Azoulay, who did not want to say more about this mysterious lover.

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