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Ingenias + Program: Trained over 60 women in technology-related careers. daily chronicle

As the first graduates of the program, participants complete web development, UX/UI design and data analytics training. The proposal was developed with the articulated work of the YPF Foundation, the Comodoro Conosimiento Agency and the Media Chicas organization.

On Wednesday, December 14, at the Comodoro Conosimiento Agency building, certificates were distributed to women who were trained from July-August this year in various fields that have a high level of employability in the world of technological development. Each course had a teacher and a teacher belonging to the Media Chikas organization, who were in charge of imparting knowledge. During the course, students worked in teams to develop social impact projects to create solutions to identified problems in their localities. In Comodoro, more than 60 women completed the training, but the program was attended by about 600 participants from different cities in the provinces of Buenos Aires, Mendoza, Neuquen, Chubut, Santa Cruz and Tierra del Fuego.

This program, run by Fundación YPF, was created in 2018 to reduce the gender gap in the world of technology, training in a field called STEM, which refers to the fields of science, technology, engineering and mathematics. Initially, the main recipients of the program were teenagers who participated in the so-called Club Ingenius, where they sought to generate and inspire interest in programming. Starting in 2022, new offers were also opened for women over 18 years of age. Evelyn Sale, Coordinator of Local Development for the YPF Foundation, expressed in the context of the creation of Ingenias+: “We are encouraged to create a proposal for adults who are interested in technology, especially Keeping in mind that today technology permeates our lives in every sphere.Which way and knowing that this reality has to be faced, there are still very few women who participate in the STEM ecosystem.

According to the research “An unequal career: the gender gap in the Argentine university system”, carried out by the organization Chicas en Tecnología, in 2022 STEM careers (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) in our country are adding new students, although they confirm do that “they are growing at a slower rate than university study in general. This is despite the fact that many STEM careers are among the most sought-after and best-paid in the job market. Furthermore, when When comparing the total number of students entering the university system, research shows that only 12% of female students choose STEM careers, compared to 31% of male students.

With regard to jobs related to technological development, Sales said that “this is a field with full employment, with highly in-demand subjects, with a great job offer and, moreover, with the best paying jobs, It can’t be that women aren’t participating. Similarly, she talked about the need to close the gender gap: “Women have something to say about the problems we live in and what the solutions are.” Can answer problems. And the truth is that these solutions are very limited today, because if the technology makers are so few, then a lot of eyes are lost. Hence the importance of making such resolutions and more and more women are encouraged to participate in them.

On the other hand, from the Fundación YPF he thanked the Comodoro Conosimiento Agency for the accompaniment provided during the months of training, as they were in charge of creating a link with the interested parties through the dissemination of calls and providing technical assistance. With regard to the proposal, Nicolas Caridi, president of the agency, noted: “This initiative comes to cover the distance that we have at the top of the city and industry, which has to do with narrowing the gender gap. It seems to have been more successful because of its presence today and the results it has achieved”, in addition, he added: “We, from the agency, try to make this link between the public and the private sector, so that you meet their demands and add equipment.For first time and advanced level participants who have already completed and obtained their certificate.

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