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“I encourage everyone to quit smoking”

I’m fine ! I began a career as a theater actor. In my private life, it was a little less happy because I lost my father, who was the last person who saw me born and who accompanied me throughout my childhood, my youth, then my adolescence… My father, my mother, my uncle. and my aunts participated in my construction. I wanted to pay tribute to them and write about those 60s, 70s and 80s, my family and my passion for radio and television.

But he always supported you…

My father and mother helped me. My father supported and encouraged me, sometimes with doubts. My parents wanted me to have a solid foundation so I could turn around if something happened. That’s why I did master’s degrees in law and information and communication sciences. My father was proud and happy. I would have loved to practice as a lawyer but he didn’t have the passion he had for radio and television. My mother is the first love of my life. We looked at each other and understood each other without me having to speak. My father feared for my future. During my childhood and adolescence we had difficulties understanding each other, we were not on the same wavelength. Interestingly, we met long after my mother died in 2004.

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On July 16, 2021, your dad passed away at the age of 93. How did you experience his death?

I had a very bad experience. And at the same time it was a relief because he wanted to leave. The day before I saw him alive for the last time and he told me: “Go away!” I don’t want you to see me die. » With regret but I left and returned to my house in Paris. And the next day at 5 in the afternoon a nurse called me to tell me that my father had left calmly, in peace, and that before closing his eyes he had clearly told me “Tell my son that I love him.” I found this phrase magnificent because my father and I never told each other that we loved each other.

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Your father had a career in the world of printing, your mother was the executive secretary of a nautical magazine. Did you have a happy childhood?

I had a very happy but modest childhood. In my neighborhood there was total diversity: whites, blacks, Arabs, Jews… But we didn’t care at all!

Was Jacques Pradel a valuable support in your radio debut?

Very beautiful ! She loved him very much. I started with a column on “Adrénaline”, his nightly program on France-Inter. Then when he was not free, I was the one who replaced him…

Is Pierre Bellemare among the personalities who made you want to do this work?

And I had the opportunity to work with him in 83-84. He had created a production company. I produced programs for local radio stations in France.

“Jeopardy”, “The Right Price”, “Millionaire”, “Succès fou”… The 90s were the years of success for you on TF1. How did you live it?

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Success has always seemed good to me. I also presented the first “Restos du coeur” with Jean-Pierre Foucault. They were my good years in television before a small grain of sand turned all that upside down in 2001, but it’s part of the job.

In 2004 he stopped smoking…

I smoked a lot. I encourage everyone to stop smoking. But she was thin and she could eat whatever she wanted. And when I quit smoking, I started gaining weight. I still have too much belly, I have to be careful.

What are your wishes today?

I would like to play a character in a movie or television series. This is a record I haven’t exploited yet. That would amuse me! And I dare to believe that it could interest viewers. I have been doing theater for 10 years, I have successfully performed 4 plays since the theaters were full throughout France.

And music?

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