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“I always liked older men.”

His Jean-Pierre is 71 years old. These more than twenty years of difference have never been an obstacle to their relationship. They will talk about it in the magazine “Reporteros” on September 15.

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“I work for the police as a civilian, Jean-Pierre was a commissioner there. Our story is a little special. I wasn’t in love with him; It turns out that my previous partner died suddenly in July 2008, leaving me with a 2-year-old son. I found myself with nothing, I returned to live with my parents. I went under for a month and then went back to work in September. That’s when I told myself I needed to find family balance.

“It was an idea of ​​survival, I didn’t know how to face it alone. I reoriented myself towards Jean-Pierre, I asked him to be part of my life, because he was a great colleague, a great father, a good person, who had helped me after my death. It was a rational decision. So yes, I had respect and admiration for Jean-Pierre, but nothing had ever happened between us. He was my boss, we saw each other. We had never had a seductive relationship. He was married, he knew their relationship was going bad. By offering to live together, I also offered him a way out. At first he thought I was out of my league due to death. Two days after my proposal, he accepted. We looked for accommodation, quickly found something and got to know each other. Jean-Pierre was a lifesaver, but he very quickly stopped being like that. Attachment developed and then sincere love. We are experiencing something great! We feel like we can get through anything together. We never argue, there is never tension between us. We are very well balanced.

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“We got married in 2010, we have two children together. Jean-Pierre has children younger than me. Now adults, parents, divorced people, understand that you can start your life again several times. One of his daughters is a friend of mine. With my eldest son it was a crazy love right away, he knows that he has a substitute father without having forgotten his own. My father got hit with the coffee pot when I introduced him to someone older than him, but my parents were always kind, they never made any comments.

“I always preferred older men because I always felt they had something interesting to teach me. When I chose Jean-Pierre, he had passed the critical age of high risk of heart attack and thrombosis in men, which is between 45 and 55 years. For me, this was a decisive criterion. Jean-Pierre is in very good shape, even more so than half of the men my age. He was always an athlete and continued to be. He doesn’t look his age. If I feel a difference, it is not at that level, he is more cultural than generational, it is because he is Flemish, I am of Italian origin. Sometimes he gets stuck in the way we communicate, in food, in vacation wishes…

“On the street, on vacation, in stores, you can definitely see that there are surprised looks. Many times people think that he supports me, that he is the one who decides, that he necessarily has money. So that makes us laugh, because today it is almost the opposite that he is retired! There are always prejudices, thoughts about a couple like ours, that’s for sure. It’s reductionist and ridiculous.

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“Jean-Pierre also doesn’t care about other people’s opinions most of the time. He is even proud of having a wife younger than his friends. But he sees the years go by, our children are still young, 12 and 14 years old, he feels abandoned with computers and new technologies. At school they took him as a grandfather… The children don’t care about these comments because his dad does more than other parents. As soon as there is a school trip, he is available. He is very interested in the children: the homework, the schooling, the trips here and there. He keeps him young.

“I know that one day he will be bedridden and I won’t, and I will accept that. That is the deal. Although she may die before him, we don’t know. We know that we still have ten years before serious mobility or health problems arise. This doesn’t worry me. You know, when you work in an industry where we see a lot of deaths and tragedies, we live in the present moment. »

“Reporters”, September 15, 7:50 p.m., RTL-TVI.

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“I Always Liked Older Men.”

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