Tuesday, June 6, 2023

Hypocritical UN calls for independence from Twitter, Petro: Mexico has drug dollars, demands Maduro

0:05 – Hypocritical UN criticizes progressive “censorship” on Twitter When censorship never cared, now repressive bodies like the European Union call themselves “defenders of freedom of expression”.

We remember when Alec Baldwin shared a love message in which he wanted to “hang” Donald Trump with a face mask.
Another displayed a mockup with a bloody head, saying it was “humorous”, with Twitter run by Dorsey ignoring hate speech.

For the United Nations who remained silent when they censored the New York Post for publishing about candidate Biden’s son’s computer.

55:00 – Connecticut Collegiate Court rules that trans men are mandatory in women’s sports.

Amelia Perez won two gold medals at the Paralympic Games in Dubai. Congratulations.

1:42:00 – Blackout in New York, possibly due to snowfall.

1:59:00 – Gustavo Petro calls Mexican drug traffickers, says they keep dollars from coca1n4.

He also indicated that drug trafficking is good business, and that the New York Democratic government is pocketing the Coke Dollar.
Will López Obrador respond? His own friends are calling him a drug dealer.

2:06:00 – Boring: Nicolás Maduro demands “free market” be respected, ahead of Bolivar law that blocks Biden and US companies from funneling millions of dollars to Venezuelan tyranny, legislation approved by Senate I went.
With bombs and explosives, the CFE says it will try to recover the bodies of 10 miners in Coahuila 152 days after the bodies were not recovered.

Tatiana Clothier sued Alfredo Jaliff for alleged defamation, saying she “attacked” him for saying he wanted to sell lithium abroad.
Japan approved a record expenditure on military resources not seen since 1945.

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