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Hulu ranking in the United States: These are my favorite movies of the moment

Advances in technology in the new millennium, joined by the coronavirus pandemic that hit internationally, helped citizens seek New ways to enjoy cinema from the comfort of home.

As a result, various streaming platforms have been born, as in the case of huluWhich has managed to take advantage of its wide catalog of offerings and position itself to the taste of users.

stand out from that catalog these 10 movieswho have gained fame and become a topic of discussion in recent times.

Here is the most viewed list United States of america,

1. el grinch

Every year, at Christmas, the locals disturb their peaceful solitude with increasingly extravagant, bright and noisy festivities. When the Who’s announce they’re going to make Christmas three times bigger this year, the Grinch learns there’s only one way to get some peace and quiet back: stealing Christmas. To do this, he decides to impersonate Santa Claus on Christmas Eve, capturing a very peculiar reindeer to pull his sleigh. Meanwhile, in Whoville, a sweet girl named Cindy-Lou, who is infused with the Christmas spirit, goes with her friends to catch Santa on Christmas Eve to thank him for helping her hardworking mom. makes plans. However, as the magical night draws near, his good intentions threaten to collide with the Grinch’s more evil selves.

2. wrong place

A meth chef hunts down a small-town former police chief to silence him before he testifies against his family, but ends up getting more than he bargained for.

3. alone together

Esther and Benji are best friends ever. The two share a very close friendship which bonds them even more when they try to be accepted in a culture completely different from their own. Despite their good relationship, they experience very stressful moments that put them in completely new and unknown situations. However, they have each other and, unfortunately, that is all they have as it doesn’t take them long to realize that they are all alone.

4. gone into the night

Arriving at a remote cabin in the redwoods, Kath and her boyfriend find a mysterious young couple already there; Apparently the fare has been booked twice. They decide to share the cabin with these strangers until the next morning, but her boyfriend vanishes with the young woman, sending Cath to find an explanation for their sudden breakup, but the truth is stranger than he lets on. Can imagine

5. spotless room

Mike and Kate, a young couple, have a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to win five million dollars. Challenge: live in an empty space for a month. Stay out for thirty days and fifty lakhs is yours. how hard can it be?

6. darby and the dead

After Darby Harper had a near-death experience as a child, she gained the ability to see ghosts. To combat the existential boredom of high school, she runs a side business consulting local spirits in her spare time. When an unexpected incident occurs between Darby and Capri, the most popular girl in her high school, Darby reluctantly agrees to help her and in the process learns how to fit in with the living world again. Is.

7. blind love

Hal Larson is a shallow guy who only finds girls who look as pretty as supermodels. However, after being subjected to a hypnosis session by a renowned guru, he would only be able to see the inner beauty of women. An obese and kind girl, Rosemary, will cross his path and Hal will fall madly in love with her.

8. a father in trouble

Howard Langston is a busy businessman who is late for his son Jamie’s karate class. To forgive her, he promises to give her whatever she asks for for Christmas: Jamie asks her for a Turboman doll. The problem is that the toy is the most popular and is sold in all toy stores. With Christmas only hours away, Howie embarks on a comical journey across town to hunt down and capture the prize.

9. The Scorpion King: The Book of Souls

Scorpion teams up with a female warrior named Tala, who is the sister of the Nubian king. Together, they discover a legendary relic known as The Book of Souls, which will allow them to take down an evil warrior.

10. everything at once

An elderly Chinese immigrant is swept up in a wild adventure where only she can save what’s important to her, which may be connecting to her lives in other universes.

*Some titles may be repeated in the ranking because they are different episodes or seasons, similarly, they may not have descriptions because the platform does not provide them.

There are more series and movies we recommend in What can I watch?

role of hulu

Hulu has also established itself in the streaming wars. (Reuters/Dado Ruvik)

Hulu It is a video on demand subscription service that allows users to enjoy series and movies created in October 2017, however, it was acquired by The Walt Disney+ Company in early 2021.

currently works United States and JapanWhile in other regions such as Latin America the service is available through Star+.

it was in 2010 when hulu launched its subscription systemAlthough at the time it did so under the name Hulu Plus, content from news corporation why NBC Universal, Later in 2017, the company launched its Hulu With Live TV service.

Major streaming companies are competing to be number one. (Infobay / Anayli Tapia)

The company already had 28 million customers in 2019; It was in March of that year , While AT&T (now owned by WarnerMedia) sold its 10% stake and Comcast will give its 33% stake to Disney in 2024, Hulu will now work with Disney+ and ESPN+, where it has only worked outside of academia. Will focus on streaming content and for the family.

Unlike other platforms, Hulu allows its users to access series and programs from 75 canals, including local news and sports. your service is included Disney Channel, ESPN, CBS, NBC, Fox, Discovery Channel, TLC, Motor Trend, Animal Planet, MTV, Comedy Central, VH1, Nicktoonamong others.

hulu has it too original materialwhere title like The Handmaid’s Tale on documentary Wu-Tang: An American Saga even more.

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