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Hugh Jackman’s method to be effective

You have undoubtedly noticed it around you: today society requires us to always be at the maximum of our abilities, in all areas. You have to be a model employee, a perfect father, an experienced athlete and, in addition, have an impeccable lifestyle. Showing your best and giving 100%, this is the credo of many of us and it echoes the culture of hustle, this trend of toxic productivity. But by giving our best we end up burning out, especially at work, where almost a quarter of long-term work disabilities are the cause of exhaustion or depression, as INAMI reminds us.

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An answer to the hustle culture

To avoid moral and mental exhaustion, Hugh Jackman found the ultimate solution. According to him, we should stop wanting to be too perfect and follow the 85% rule. The Australian actor, who has enjoyed numerous international recognitions thanks, in particular, to his role as Wolwerine, admits to never having demonstrated the maximum of his abilities to get ahead. Indeed, although one might believe that celebrities like him give everything to climb the ranks, his secret would be very different… Hugh Jackman owes his career to a fairly basic rule, but one that is very effective, since he trusted the podcast The Tim Ferriss Show: the 85% rule. It is about, neither more nor less, never giving 100%, but only 85%. In this way we avoid working too much and reduce the risk of burnout. Specifically, in the workplace, this translates to an employee who works, without doing too much. For TikToker Gabrielle Judge, nicknamed “anti-work boss,” it’s simply about being “the second worst person on your team.”

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An attitude that is comically reminiscent of a trend that continues to grow on social networks and in companies: silent resignation or, in French, silent resignation. According to a survey carried out by the American company LiveCarrer, specialized in creating resumes, almost 8 out of 10 people believe that they are leaving quietly. This means that these workers want to have a fair balance between their professional and personal lives, and this means not trying too hard. By acting in this way, followers of the method, including Hugh Jackman, are convinced that we show the best of ourselves and are much more effective in the long term.

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Protect yourself to be 100%

If the 85% rule stumps you, it still makes sense. Because as strange as it may seem, not always being 100% can paradoxically allow you to give your best. To understand it better, here is a concrete example illustrated by the specialized magazine Deporvillage: the athlete Carl Lewis is one of the best sprinters in history. For years he held the world record in the 100 meters, won 9 gold medals and a silver medal at the Olympic Games in the 100 meters, 200 meters and long jump events. What sets you apart from other runners? His ability to keep the same pace from start to finish. Carl Lewis has rarely led from start to finish of a race. In other words, while the others slowed down in the second part of the race because they were running out of steam, he overtook them by moving steadily forward. And, above all, you could tell that he was very relaxed. Unknowingly, he applied the 85% rule. Therefore, in all areas of life, whether in sports, family life or work, this seems to be the definitive solution to avoid burnout. In any case, this rule seems to have worked for several celebrities with admirable careers, so why not try it yourself?

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