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How to wear it with style this fall?

This year, one of the key autumn-winter garments that returns to the world of fashion is: the long suit skirt. Elegant, versatile and full of potential, it is the perfect piece to give a sophisticated touch to your autumn and winter outfits. Here we explain how to wear it with style this fall-winter.

The long skirt of the suit: a well-deserved return

She was once a essential piece in the women’s locker room. The latter liked to wear it with matching jackets to create nice outfits for the office. Over the years, this piece has been relegated to the background in favor of more relaxed styles or shorter models.

Since fashion is cyclical, the long suit skirt has returned. More fashionable than ever This fall-winter 2023/2024! This versatile piece can be a refined alternative to pants for work days or an elegant option for a night out. Its length actually adds a touch of sophistication. The choice of fabrics allows you play with different looks. Whether you prefer a flowy suit skirt or a more structured version, this piece is a blank canvas to express your style !

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Long suit skirt with opening and belt – Available from 34 to 44

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The different styles of long suit skirts.

Before delving into the world of long skirt suits, it’s important to understand the different styles available. Exists a variety of cuts, fabrics and patterns from which to choose. Moral, you will definitely be able to find the one that best suits your style.

  • The long skirt of the suit with slits. This style is characterized by an opening on the side or front of the skirt, which allows greater freedom of movement maintaining an elegant touch. It is ideal for a sophisticated and modern look.
  • The pleat. The pleats add texture and movement to the skirt, making it perfect for more casual outfits. Pair it with a knit sweater for a cozy fall look.
  • The long skirt of the velvet suit. Velvet is a luxurious fabric that adds a touch of elegance to any outfit. Opt for a velvet model to shine at events or for a night out on the town.
  • The one with prints. For people who like to add a pop of color and print to their wardrobe, the printed version is an ideal option. From floral to geometric printsThere is something for everyone.
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How To Wear It With Style This Fall?
Long suit style skirt – Available from 32 to 38

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Now that you have an idea of ​​the different styles of long skirt suits available, Let’s see how to integrate them into your wardrobe Autumn Winter.

  • For an elegant office look. Combine a long suit skirt with blouse well cut and sneakers. Add a blazer for a professional look perfect for fall.
  • For a casual and comfortable look. Opt for a pleated model that you can combine with a knitted sweater and to boots. Add a scarf or bandana for added warmth and style.
  • For a special evening. A long skirt suit in velvet or a bold print is perfect for special occasions. Use it with a matching top and the high heels for a glamorous look.
  • For a casual bohemian look. Choose a long suit skirt with a floral print and combine it with a denim shirt and the Waders for a bohemian chic look.
  • For an elegant everyday outfit. You can also wear a long suit skirt every day. associate it with a turtleneck sweater and to baskets for a modern and comfortable look.
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The long suit skirt triumphantly returns to the fashion scene this fall-winter. Versatile, stylish and available in a variety of styles, it really has it all! Whatever your style, don’t hesitate to add this fashionable piece to your wardrobe.

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