Wednesday, June 7, 2023

How to treat fatty liver?

Fatty liver is a disease caused by different things, but it seems to stem from excess in the diet (especially processed products, junk food, soda, carbonated drinks and alcohol).

When someone is diagnosed with fatty liver disease, it is essential to improve their eating habits and adopt a healthier lifestyle in general. If the condition is not treated, the condition will get worse and put the liver at risk; Organs responsible for performing various vital functions, such as processing, breaking down and balancing the blood, as well as manufacturing nutrients and metabolizing drugs.

In popular culture, it is very common to opt for the use of home remedies to treat fatty liver, such as milk thistle infusion, to treat fatty liver. It is believed that, thanks to the purifying and diuretic properties of the plant, it can support the elimination of waste and accumulated fat through urine and thus improve health.

However, the use of natural remedies, including the above-mentioned infusions, is not yet supported by doctors, as further studies are needed to determine to what extent they may be appropriate.

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