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How to start a routine of healthy eating and exercise

There is no doubt that sport and nutrition are crucial to well-being and health. Although starting an exercise routine can be challenging for some people, despite knowing its importance, it is possible with the right help.

On the Sport & Nutrition 10 website, visitors can find a range of tools to get started in the world of sport and nutrition.

How to start exercising? has lots of information to get you started. The most important thing is to get an appropriate assessment that sets the initial conditions. It is very important that the body is not subjected to too much stress, for which start with a gentle routine and gradually increase the intensity.

During the first few weeks it is very important to go to the gym regularly, learn the routine and get used to doing it correctly. The coach’s guide is crucial to success, not only because of the signals received, but also because of the motivation.

To start, a simple routine with 5 or 6 exercises is a great idea. A combination of aerobic exercise early in the day, and then some strength exercise, is best.

Experts recommend working muscles in groups, with which better results are achieved. It’s also important not to work the same muscle group 2 days in a row, allowing the muscles time to rest and achieve their goals.

The best routines for the gym are those that are tailored to the individual and their goals.

An excellent idea is to start by getting your body fat percentage down to an optimal level, and then look for an increase in muscle tone and muscle mass.

gym success tips

If you are not in the habit of going to the gym regularly, the following tips can help you:

  • It doesn’t matter if the gym offers schedule freedom, set a specific time of day to go to train. This works great for people who don’t know how to start in a women’s gym, do it for the first few weeks, and then you will have no problem coming in at any time that suits you.
  • Evaluate whether it is better for you to train in the morning or in the afternoon. Choose a time when you feel most productive and energetic. It is important to know when is the best time to make the most of our natural inspiration.
  • Do not eat immediately before training, but do not fast either. It’s best if an hour or two has passed since your last meal, that way you’ll have enough energy to do your workouts, but won’t be digested.

How does nutrition affect physical training?

Nutrition is a very important aspect of training. It doesn’t matter whether you want to lose weight, reduce body fat or increase muscle mass, you have to adapt your diet to those objectives.

The best trainers offer advice on nutrition just as they design training routines. It is important that guidelines are indicated for achieving optimal nutrition.

Proteins are macronutrients that have a very important role in training results. Protein should be consumed at every meal; And if the aim is to increase muscle mass, then they should be consumed in excess.

Carbohydrates provide energy. They should also be included in all meals, but they must be of good quality. Fat is also essential, but care must be taken with the amount and type of fat consumed. It is important that you get good advice about these two nutrients.

Finally, we are going to talk about fiber, which helps in furthering the intestinal transit, produces satiety and has important functions in digestion.

If you have already decided, then check out the most complete and detailed information in Sport and Nutrition 10, and start training to improve your health and fitness.

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