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How to properly prepare your child’s snack?

How to properly prepare your child’s snack? Fruits, slow sugars, and calcium.

Rich in fiber and water, fruit compotes are essential. Commercially wrapped in plastic, they are easy to put in your pocket. Homemade, they can be stored in plastic boxes. In addition, they have a much stronger flavor and nutritional power compared to industrial compotes.

Choose an apple, apricot, banana, or pear. In addition to their very mild flavor, these fruits are rich in vitamin C, antioxidants, minerals, and trace elements (potassium, zinc, copper). In your little one’s bag, also think about water bottles to hydrate.

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And milk cartons for protein, calcium, and vitamin D, essential for bone consolidation and growth processes. On the solid side, think soft, plain, or chocolatey muffins.

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To get your child to accept his snack, do not hesitate to ask his opinion. Without giving up on everything, you can make concessions. If he asks you for chocolate, for example, why not offer him… a mix?

Ideas? Focusing on the slow sugar/fruit duo: a piece of homemade marble accompanied by cut fruit, milk bread with a chocolate bar and an apple, and a sugar pancake with fruit juice without added sugar. The important thing is to avoid soft drinks and cakes rich in bad fats (trans fatty acids).

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Source: How to give your child the taste for a balanced diet, Marie-Claire Thareau-Dupire. Leduc Edition, 2010.

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